July 29, 2013

Shawnee National Forest Trip

Shawnee National Forest

We took a couple days last week to head to southern Illinois to the Shawnee National Forest.  Catching this deer beside the road having an appetizer was one of my favorite moments!

We started our first day with a quick hike through Giant City State Park. The rock structures were amazing to walk through.

And then we were off for a trail ride!  It was hot, but still a fun time.

A is our horse lover, so she was especially happy to ride her horse ~Fred.

Our Tuesday began with sleeping in.....hey...we're on vacation!  Then we took another hike to a place called the Little Grand Canyon.  Obviously by the name, we had to hide a long ways down into a canyon.  That wasn't so bad, but the climb back the burn!

It was time for a swim after that long hike.  We found this beautiful little Cedar Lake with a beach.

We finished the day off with a hike down to see a natural bridge.  I always worry when we take off on these hikes that you aren't going to see what was described, but this was well worth the walk through the bugs!  Extraordinary rock formations.

We had a great time exploring, but my girls were not happy that they had no internet or cell service for 3 days! Now THAT is roughing it!

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  1. Gee, extreme family time. No cells! Congratulations.


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