July 17, 2013

Bathroom Redecorate

We have lived in this house for 14 years now.  Somehow with all of the other projects that have had to happen around here, this downstairs bathroom never got redecorated.  And oh boy, did it need it.  Take a look at this wallpaper!

See my supplies there ready to strip?  The first hour went very slowly, but after getting more spray on the walls and asking for a little help :) (my kids thought it was fun!) we got it knocked out in a day!

Ugh, right?  With that yellow bead board!  The final straw that put this project at the top of the to-do list was the sink.

It had a crack in it for several years, but this summer it finally caved in.  Well, plus the fact that bathrooms are so pricey to remodel!

Are you ready to see the finished product?  We are so very excited!

The paint is a light sand color on top, with chocolate brown on the bottom.  The blinds are new faux wood, with a homemade cornice that hubby made for me (so easy!).  I simply wrapped it in a layer of fleece and fabric, attached with my staple gun.

Turquoise blue is one of my FaVoRiTe colors, so I incorporated it into the decor.  It will be an easy color to switch out if I would like.

I printed the frame and butterfly on a  page out of a hymnal I had purchased at the library book sale.  The frames are from IKEA. (Who does't love that place?)

My sand and shells are from our vacation over Spring Break to the Gulf Shores.  A perfect addition to my sand wall color!

It is a tiny little bathroom, so our working quarters were very tight.  Usually only one person could work at a time!

I love the new sink cabinet that gives us a little storage underneath, unlike our previous pedestal sink.

I may be most excited about the new floor.  Although just vinyl, it  looks like real wood that matches the dark wood trim throughout our old house.  Added bonus?  We did ALL of the work ourselves.  I am so thankful for a talented husband!

Man, it is such a relief to have THAT project done!!!


  1. It looks stunning, I think my favourite part is the pictures. Why do I never think of clever beautiful things like that xx

  2. Great Job. I love it!

  3. That looks awesome Cherie! Well done!

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