November 11, 2012

Kitten Love

About 4 weeks ago I headed out to our shed to retrieve a bag of potting soil, but what I found was two newborn kittens and a stray Momma cat!  Husband wasn't so thrilled, because he is allergic, but the girls and I were very excited!  Momma must have thought the shed was a safe place, as she had carried them in there from somewhere else.  We quickly provided a nice comfy box and blankets for our new little family.  Momma cat was VERY hungry, skinny, and lonely.  But once we started coming out to check on her and the new babes, she quickly became very friendly and loving.  She had obviously been someone's pet.  As I inquired with the neighbors, they reported they had seen her out all summer long.

After the kittens had their eyes open, I grabbed them all up and headed to the Vet for a check up.  Miraculously, he said they were all healthy.  The flea collar I had put on Momma had even chased the fleas away.

So we began our new little adventure with this adorable family of cats.  They have made their home in the shed in the girls' play side, which is nicely carpeted and painted.  Each time we feed Momma, she eats like it is her last meal.  She has put on a little weight, but she could use some more.  The kittens are now about 5 weeks old and as cute as could be!  We have really enjoyed watching them quickly grow, playing with each other and their Momma.  The girls and I spend a consider about of time visiting out in the playhouse each day, being sure they receive a lot of attention so that they are ready to be adopted by a nice family.

ok-truth be told, we have snuck them into the house a few times!  The playhouse is very small for 3 people and 3 cats!  But as soon as Husband starts sneezing, out they go!

It will be very hard to see them go once we find a home for them, but we sure have enjoyed their stay!


  1. They are adorable. I grew up with cats and kittens and we have two cats now. What a fun experience to enjoy with your girls.

  2. Thoughts for the dayNovember 12, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    :o} LOVE the black one, I had one big black cat named Spook then I got another one and named her Hannah. They are both gone now. Isn't it funny how she had one all white and one all black??


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