October 22, 2012

A 24 Hour Getaway - The Covered Bridge Festival

Husband and I took 24 hours to ourselves and headed over to Indiana to the Covered Bridge Festival.  We had never been, and I was really looking forward to some pretty scenery, and most importantly, some uninterrupted time with my best friend!

I must say, the bridges we saw were impressive.  This was one of my favorites, inside the Turkey Run State Park.  The day was growing long, so the light wasn't the best, but it was sure a beautiful bridge.  The day was very cool, with lots of clouds.  Not the best photo taking day, but we were just happy it wasn't raining.

The drives along the country road were so soothing and gorgeous!

Bridgeton was my favorite stop, along with this beautiful mill and covered bridge, the town was FULL of great eats, crafts, and fun things to see.

Any time spent with my favorite person on earth is blessed!  Thanks for going, Husband!!


  1. Great pictures! I would love to do that sometime.

  2. Hi Cherie, oh how exciting you visited Turkey Run and Bridgeton! It is a gorgeous place. I'm only a few hours east of there, and don't get there often enough. Would love to stay at the lodge sometime. Glad you enjoyed the covered bridges and without rain. Have a lovely weekend!


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