June 4, 2012

Bible in 90 Days 2012 - Week 1 Highlight

We have completed Week 1 of our Bible in 90 Days journey!  Husband and I encouraged each other through our daily readings and had some great discussions.

We've read through Genesis and Exodus!!  Of course there are many great things that we could discuss through these first two books, but the story that continues to cross my mind is the beautiful love affair of Jacob and Rachel as told in Genesis Chapter 29.  It may have been love at first site for Jacob, and he is willing to work for her father for 7 years to gain her as his wife.  But her father, Laban sends Leah to marry Jacob instead of Rachel.  Still so in love with Rachel, he takes her also as his wife and works another 7 years in exchange for her.

Now THAT is awesome!  I so admire that dedication and commitment to her.

This past weekend Husband and I returned to the top of the St Louis Arch, the scene of the crime where He first told me he loved me over 15 years ago.  It was a scene just like this, where He turned and looked at me and uttered those most amazing words! (Thanks to our girls for this photo!)

I pray the commitment of Jacob to Rachel continues to be a great example for all of us in our marriages!


  1. Teri Lynne UnderwoodJune 4, 2012 7:24 AM

    Love this ... and the picture.

  2. Thoughts for the dayJune 4, 2012 8:44 AM

    I really love the old testament, it is rich in history and yes alot of violence but the purpose was different than in the new testament.
    Pastor was beginning a study on this very thing yesterday telling how 'Jesus' is all throughout the old testament. It is wonderful how it all goes together.

  3. Happy Anniversary and how sweet to be reading this together! Blessings friend!

  4. What a beautiful thing to share! What a sweet husband you have there! I also loved this story...in the midst of so many strange stories of incest and deception and violence, it was a true gem for me too. Thanks for sharing!


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