May 30, 2012

My Beautiful Backyard Companion

My back yard is home to several house wrens.  For some reason we call them 'Jenny Wrens'.  They have the most beautiful songs to share with me.  I learned yesterday that the male wren builds nests in several places and then when he mates, the Momma wren will choose her nest.  That explains why we have a wren nest in EVERY bird house in our yard!  I don't mind, because they keep me company while I am gardening.  I captured him coming out of the house after pushing some sticks inside.  One of God's amazing and beautiful little creatures.

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  1. Oh Cherie -
    Gorgeous shot and design ... and one of my favorite verses.
    Hosanna in the Highest!

  2. Visiting from Word Filled Wednesday - beautiful photo, and words!

  3. Beautiful photograph and scripture! We love it when Wrens make their home in our yard too...they are they cutest little birds!

  4. I love this photo... we moved to the country last October and since then we have spotted a barn owl (he flies over the house often), pheasants (they come into the garden), and shorty after we moved, I had the pleasure of watching geese arriving for winter. I had heard of the stronger, younger geese encouraging the older birds who are flagging behind by sending out 2 of the stronger birds in the group to fly back and join the one's flagging behind. I was privileged to watch this happening. They have much to teach re: encouragement and loyalty! It brought a tear to my eyes.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment re: the sunset photo. I snapped it from the corner of the back garden. The sunset was really intense that evening.


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