May 29, 2012

Mommy & Me Photography Challenge

My girls and I are always looking for something fun to do together during the summer.  We recently saw several photography challenges listed on Pinterest, and we decided to come up with our own to do together during the month of June.  We'd like to invite YOU along for the fun!  Would you like to join us?

We've come up with a list of items to capture with our cameras.  We're going to show them off here each Wednesday and we'll host a link-up so you can show off your progress as well.  Unlike other challenges, we'll have a list of items to photograph, but you can do them in any order, like a scavenger hunt.  So if you are at the park, you'll find several things on the list to find.  If you are on vacation, you'll find other things to find.  Then each week, choose your favorites to share!  Mom, you will share your favorite photos that you took for the week, then you'll share your child's photos.  You can have as many children participate as you would like. The only rule is, whatever your child chooses to photograph, you must photograph as well!  It will be fun to see each other's perspectives on the same items.

I've provided a PDF printable list here for you to download and tuck into your camera case or purse so you'll have it wherever you go.

We'll get started taking photos on June 1st and share each Wednesday beginning June 6th.  Now get out there and go have some photography fun with your kids!

Feel free to grab a quick badge here!


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