March 7, 2012

James: Mercy Triiumphs Week 5

Ladies,I don't know about you, but here at the half-way point  Natalie and I both decided we need a week to catch our breath!  Because, WOW, is James jam-packed with hard-hitting information, or what?

We know some of you have expressed that you are several days behind, for some, even a week.  So take this opportunity to keep working away and get caught up.  We'll meet right back here next week for week 5.

If you are caught up, be sure you have written out all of your scripture, and then go back and review where we have been so far.  If God has been speaking to you about a particular subject through this study, spend some extra time this week seeking his wisdom.

We'd love to hear in the comments how you are being impacted by the study, so come share with us!


  1. newest follower!! hope you follow us back.. i'm glad to have found this site. thank you


I am so glad you that you stopped by today. Care to share what's on your mind and heart?

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