February 7, 2012

Ten Reasons to Boycott Offensive Advertising

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Our family looks forward to the Super Bowl each year for the fun of hanging out with family and friends, eating great food, watching superb football, and being entertained by fun commercials.

This year when I saw that GoDaddy.com was featuring a Super Bowl ad, I was immediately apprehensive because they haven't always shown the best taste in the past.  Unfortunately, they proved me correct again this year.  I won't send you to their website to see the commercial because I don't want to give them any traffic, but the commercial was essentially two guys dreaming of half naked women telling them about web hosting.  Trust me when I say you paid very little attention to the information, because the women were in high "Victory Secret" regalia of very little clothing.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Boycott GoDaddy.com:

1. Super Bowl time is family time-still in prime time. My children don't need to see this kind of low advertising.
2. The commercials were a simple means to peddle soft p*rn through my living room.
3. The marketing approach was obviously created by men for men.
4. I didn't appreciate the 90% naked women being flaunted in front of my husband.
5. What are you selling?  It certainly wasn't clear from that commercial.
6. Using sex to sell is entirely degrading to women.
7. They offended 50% of their target market and especially the powerful mommy bloggers.
8. The $3 million spent on that commercial could have provided clean water for thousands of people, or food and shelter for those without.
9.  Using sex to bring attention to yourselves is insulting to our intelligence.

10. It's time to send a message to advertisers that we are tired of smut being displayed in the name of advertising.  Let them know how you feel -- don't use their services.

...stepping down from soap box.....

What do you think?  Was I the only one offended??

Need an alternative?  Go check out www.puritynames.com.  They've got it going on!  Purity Names was founded to give individuals and organizations a chance to establish their presence on the internet without having to patronize companies who enable and profit from the spread of pornography. As the world's first and only family friendly domain name registrar, we ensure that the domains we sell and the websites we host are not used for pornography. Unlike other companies, we turn away those who want to engage in the distribution of obscene material because we don't want to be associated with such activity.

Now that is a company I can stand behind and support!!


  1. 7:02pm my 8yr old was watching !! I was not prepared for that so early in the game, the remote was on the other side of the room! =(

    I had a few domains I wasn't using (.org, .net) thru them - even though I'm not "using them" it's still $ toward those awful commercials. I cancelled Monday morning & tweeted them this "mommy blogger" didn't appreciate it.

  2. Interesting! Not watching the games, I didn't realize the atmosphere advertisers create. And I was thinking of going with GoDaddy!
    Keep up the good work Mommy Bloggers. Let them have it!

  3. I was so naive when I purchased my domains, who are all hosted through GoDaddy. I need to transfer them, but how do I go about this?

    1. Barbie, I am sure if you contact Purity Names, they can help you get all of your domains transferred. Be sure to tell Go Daddy why you are changing. They need to know!!

  4. Adrienne @ Whole New MomFeb 7, 2012 08:08 AM

    Wondering if you know if we can get $ back from GoDaddy. Thanks for the alternative.

    1. Adrienne, I do not know about a refund. Sometimes they may give back a prorated amount.

  5. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this. I watched with my husband (he's not a Christian) and I was mortified and angry over the commercial, especially when they know so many families with young children are watching the game together. Ugh!

  6. oh amanda {impress your kids}Feb 7, 2012 05:00 PM

    Thanks for writing this! I bought my URL so early I didn't know GoDaddy was gross. And I hate that it's there! I need to switch. Thanks for telling us about Purity Names. :)

    I remember the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson half-time show I wrote a letter afterwards to the NFL, AOL (at the time was popular!), the network and about 12 other companies. I was so irate b/c of exactly all the things you just named!

    Great post!


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