February 6, 2012

A Prayer Life that Alludes

"Today He sits on the throne of His Majesty on high, and He holds out to us the sceptre of His power.  Shall we touch it and tell Him our desires?  He bids us take of His treasures.  He yearns to grant us "according to the riches of His glory," that we may "be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man."  He tells us that our strength and our fruitfulness depend upon our prayers.  He reminds us that our very joy depends upon answered prayer.

And yet we allow the devil to persuade us to neglect prayer! He makes us believe that we can do more by our own efforts than by our prayers--by our intercourse with men than by our intercession with God."

"Shall we begin today to be (wo)men of prayer, if we have never done so before?  Let us not put it off till a more convenient season.  God wants me to pray.  The dear Savior wants me to pray.  He needs my prayers.  So much--in fact, everything--depends upon prayer.  How dare we hold back?" 

"Do we spend ten minutes a day in prayer? Do we consider it important enough for that? Ten minutes a day on our knees in prayer--when the Kingdom of Heaven can be had for the asking?  Ten minutes?  It seems a very inadequate portion of our time to spend in taking hold of God!  If God were to answer the words we repeated on our knees this morning should we know it?  Should we recognize the answer?  Do we even remember what we asked for?"

"He does answer.  He has given us His word for it.  He always answers every real prayer of faith."

 The Kneeling Christian, author unknown

Oh Lord Jesus, will you teach us to pray?  Will you give us the unquenchable desire to come before you each and every day and lay our lives down before your Throne, asking for your will be done, seeking your desire, aching as your heart aches?  Father, will you beckon us to your Throne room, kneeling at your feet, soaking in your Radiance, bowing before your Glory.  Show us your heart, Lord, so that our prayers may be in step with the Spirit.  Draw us close, Jesus.  In your name, Amen.


  1. Daniele @ Domestic SerenityFeb 6, 2012 04:58 AM

    Amen sister, amen! May our desire for conversations with Him increase...and increase.

  2. "He always answers every real prayer of faith." That sure is food for thought. I've been reading Sarah Young's devotional "Jesus Calling." She has so many great entries on prayer life. I highly recommend it. Thanks!

    1. Salina, I LOVE that devotion book too! Such inspiring truth found there.


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