February 1, 2012

The James Study Introduction


Natalie and I are so excited to get this study started! We have both been through the first week and the first video of the study, and in true Beth Moore fashion, she has knocked it out of the park!  Each day's homework will only take you about 15 minutes to complete, so I think we can all handle that!

Let me introduce myself to any of you who may be here for the first time or are visiting from Natalie's blog.  My name is Cherie and I have been blogging for about 2 years.  I've been a Christian since childhood, although I've had my share of difficult times throughout my life.  But above all else, Christ has always been my Rock!  I've been married for 15 years to my fantastic Husband, and we have 3 girls, ages 21, 11 and 10.  I work part time as an Administrative Assistant, and I do some Virtual Assistant work on the side from home.

Now let me introduce you to Natalie!  You are going to absolutely love her heart and her encouragement!  I met Natalie through blogging (it turns out we only live a few hours from one another), and then had the pleasure of meeting her in person at The Relevant Conference and the Hearts at Home Conference.  Natalie is the real deal!  She is a momma and wife, and is one busy woman!

Shall we get into the details of our study?  Each week you'll have some daily(5 days) homework to complete, which includes some reading and answering of questions.  Then on Wednesdays you'll come check in here for our discussion questions.  I will host the odd weeks and Natalie will host the even weeks, so week one will be back here at my blog.  We have also set up a private Facebook group, so if you feel you want to share prayer requests or something personal, you can feel comfortable sharing there.  We'll work very hard to get everyone friend requested and added to the group quickly.

You also have the option of heading over to the Lifeway site to purchase and download each week of Beth's sermons prior to that weeks homework.  We want to be sure that you know that this is OPTIONAL!  You will have a very enriching study with or without the videos, so please feel no pressure to have to purchase the videos.

Our schedule is as follows - facilitator listed in parenthesis!
February 8:  Discuss Week One and Video One (Cherie)
February 15:  Discuss Week Two and Video Two (Natalie)
February 22:  Discuss Week Three and Video Three (Cherie)
February 29: Discuss Week Four and Video Four (Natalie)
March 7:  Discuss Week Five and Video Five (Cherie)
March 14:  Discuss Week Six and Video Six (Natalie)
March 21:  Discuss Week Seven and Video Seven (Cherie)
March 28:  Concluding Thoughts and Wrap-Up (Natalie)

So there you have it!  If you plan to follow along with us, be sure to contact either myself or Natalie so we can get you hooked up with the Facebook page.  Other than that, start your study today and we'll see you back here next Wednesday for some fellowship and questions!

Now, let's start with some chit-chat!  Introduce yourself in the comments below!!


  1. Hey, y'all! I'm Mollianne and I'm checking in from Huntsville, Alabama. This is my first Beth Moore study. I'm excited to get started. I would like to be a part of the facebook group. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    1. I'm so glad you are joining us. This is my first Beth Moore study too! Send me an email at clfroelich at yahoo dot com with your FB info and I'll get you connected!
  2. Beth ~ Just a Mom Like YouFeb 1, 2012 06:31 AM
    Hello! I'm excited to join this study. James is one of my favorite books of the Bible, so when I saw you were doing this I knew I wanted to join in. Can't wait to get to know you more and dive into this study. :)
    1. Hi Beth. It is so nice to meet you! I just saw your comments over at the Sisters in Bloom site! If you'd like to connect on the FB page, send me an email at clfroelich at yahoo dot com with your info and I'll get you connected! Thanks for joining us!
  3. I would love to follow this study with you guys.
    1. Yeah Sara! I trust you can find the book over there across the pond!
  4. Natalie at Mommy on FireFeb 1, 2012 06:07 PM
    Sweet Cherie, thank you! Your words touched my soul. You bless me so and I am so grateful to be on this journey with you, sister. Love you!
  5. Cherie (& Natalie),

    My name is Salina and I'm a small town Kentucky girl who loves writing, photography, and studying the Word of God. I'd like nothing more than to jump into this study with you. The timing is great since I just started teaching it in my Sunday school class. I'm anxious and excited to share and learn from you gals. BTW: Beth Moore is my hero (and Jesus too, of course) :)
    1. Salina I am so glad you found us! Welcome to our group. We can't wait to get started!

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