January 3, 2012

Top Ten Ways My Life Will Change This Year

Top Ten {Tuesday}

You may have noticed that things have been a bit different around here lately, at least I hope you noticed...you were reading...weren't you?  Since the beginning of December, life has been anything but normal here at our house.  It is amazing how a mission trip can impact the family!

As with many life changing experiences, I came home from Haiti with a completely different view of life, not just theirs, buy my own as well.  I thought a list may be in order of ways I think my life will change as a result, so here we go!


  1. Although I love me some alone time (no more hiding at home), I also love hanging out.  This year I'm going to spend more intentional time with friends.
  2. While we're spending time together, I want our relationships to be deep and meaningful.  No more shallowness or fear of asking deeper questions.
  3. Although I love my time blogging, I have realized that it has overtaken other things that are more important...it is time to gain some perspective.
  4. My eyes have been opened to many new social issues that I find appalling.  I hope to find a couple that really click with me and lend my support through exposure and support here on my blog.
  5. I want to do more reading and studying God's word.
  6. Haiti has now taken up residence in my heart.  There is not a day that has passed that my mind hasn't wondered to the people living there. I will be finding ways to continue helping the Pillatre Christian Center and community.
  7. God really showed me how He takes care of me, even in the smallest of ways, during my trip.  I can't wait to trust Him with more of my every day!
  8. I've seen unbelievable poverty up close and personal.  It has left a large hole of conviction about how I steward my resources.  Big changes are coming.
  9. Witnessing God's love in action through others has changed me.  I want to be his hands and feet everyday, not just on a mission trip.  I'm praying about where I can love others who may not know the Lord.
  10. GIVE.  I want to give more!  Not just my belongs and financial support, but of myself to my friends and family.  Selfishness of my time needs to take a backseat.

It may look like I just typed out a list of New Year's Resolutions.....but I didn't.  I don't believe in those.  This is a list of ways that I know God has already been working and wants to see a continued difference in me as a result of serving Him in Haiti.  Did I know some of these things before going on a mission trip?  YES.  But upon returning home, God's purposes were even more clear to me.  I can no longer ignore that still small voice asking me to do more, and be more.

Yes, Lord.


  1. Sounds like some great plans. I can only imagine how much Haiti impacted you. Praying your changes bring
    you peace and happiness.

  2. I love seeing how the Lord is working through you. Your list could fit any of us. I just knew that the Haiti trip would ignite a fire within you!

  3. Stefanie BrownJan 3, 2012 05:49 AM

    What a great liist!! So wish we were closer so I could be a recipient of #1:))). Maybe more intentional "tweet time".

    Love your heart and passion for Haiti. I trust and believe God is going to open many doors for you to give back.

    Love you, sweet sister!


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