January 24, 2012

Life as an Uphill Battle

Do you ever feel like the life you are living is a daily uphill battle?  Nothing comes easy and every decision is hard?

I think sometimes we slowly wander away from God's direction in our life.  When we are no longer walking in the Spirit, life becomes hard.  It happens before we know it, and suddenly we are struggling to squeeze any joy out of life.

If you are a bible believer, and I sure hope that you are, we know that the bible is a complete story from beginning to end.  We've lived much of it and are waiting for the remainder to happen.  Do you realize that your life is within that story?  Your life is happening right now between the books of the bible preceeding Revelation.  We know that part of history has not happened yet.

And so I wonder......

If we looked at this story, your story a little differently, would it reshape our thinking?  Because before you were born, God knew you.  He also knew where you fit into HIS story.  Before you were born He had plans all laid out for you.  Is life a battle because we have abandoned those plans that God has already prescribed?  We, you and I, have been chosen to do something important that God is doing within the story.

God is saving, rescuing and blessing.
He is providing, judging and healing.

A war is in progress;

evil vs good
unhappiness vs joy
pain vs healing
ignorance vs wisdom
life vs death
hope vs despair
heaven vs hell

Which side of the story will you choose?  We either choose God's side or we defect from it. 

Life is a battlefield, and unless we choose to play on the winning side, it will be an uphill battle of frustration, pain, and heartache.

God chose you for HIS side.  Come back and join Him on the winning team!  The Battle is the Lord's!


  1. Thoughts for the dayJan 24, 2012 08:38 AM

    There is a war around us every day, it the choice of ours to make which side we are going to serve.

  2. amen thanks sister! Love, Traci

  3. How wonderful to know that our lives are part of His great story!


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