December 27, 2011

Letters from Haiti

Have I mentioned the wonders of God's mercy?  Every evening after we returned from the work site, it would begin pouring rain.  Each morning upon awakening, bright beautiful sunshine and brilliant blue skies!

And so Wednesday was scheduled to be yet another work day, finishing the painting and making furniture for the family.  On our crazy tap-tap ride we again enjoyed beautiful scenery and beautiful school children dressed in their absolute best!

We were excited that we would be able to help the family move their things into the house today.  Upon arriving at the house, we discovered that they had already moved in.....and our hearts broke as we realized that this small pile of things were their only possessions. Imagine how my mind raced back to the things filling my home....the things I clutch and hold dear, yet unnecessary in comparison to what our friends in Haiti have as their own.

As the table was near completion, our guys decided to let Yves drill in the last screw in HIS new table!  Of course, he had never held an automatic drill in his hands before, so when he finally got it all the way in, we all cheered...

...and he grinned from ear to ear!  Such delight in taking part in this amazing process with us.

We headed back to lunch over at the school, getting there just in time for the smallest of the children to be going home, while the older children were on their way in.  It was a very busy and lively place!

Little did I know that our afternoon would bring some of the hardest emotions to date on our trip.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow to read the rest of the story!


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