December 5, 2011



Our trip to Haiti is more than I could have ever imagined, in more ways than I can possible explain!  Time is short that I can share with you now, but please know that your prayers are felt!  Thank you so much, and please continue in those prayers.  We have many days of hard word ahead of us.  We are all well and really enjoying getting to know one another here. 

I promise to give you more details when I arrive home, but for now, know that all is going well and God is amazing!  Worship on Sunday with our Haitian friends was phenomenal.

All has been beyond words.  It may take me years to unravel what my eyes have seen and heart has held.

I wish I could show you some photos, but our internet connect here is not what we had hoped.  I will update when I can, but it may be sketchy!  My apologies!

To my family, I miss you like CRAZY!  I love you so dearly and can't wait to get back home to you.  Thank you for giving me the courage to take this trip of a lifetime and to be the workman of Christ.

Husband, I adore you!

Much love,



Shelly Hart said...

Glad to hear you all are well! We are praying continually and the husbands and wives that are here at home have all checked in with each other. I am so excited to hear more about the amazing way God is using all of you. Many blessings, my new friend!

Marci said...

Excited to see your update Cherie! So excited about what God is doing!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from the team! May God continue to bless and lead you all. Your families are lifting you up!


Anonymous said...

We are finding that the browser will not open blogger, so I will leave a brief update this way. Today was a HUGE workday of painting, building, children, children, and children! We are all exhausted, but well. Please keep your prayers coming! We feel them and NEED them so much! The poverty is overwhelming, but the joy is abundant! Husband, you make me proud! Miss you so much! Love to you D, K, A & S!! {HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,

I miss you so so so so so much. I love you. Looking forward to seeing you Friday. Miss you. We did puzzles without you. :(

HUGS! & Snuggles.


A :);)

Anonymous said...

hi mom we miss you so much
guess what when i put my pjs on mon. night PRAY was on my pjs backwards ha ha ha
i cant wait for you to get home
my basketball team went well
had cracker barrel on wed. night.
love you soooooo much

Anonymous said...

sorry one more thing i had a sleepover with s.b.
and hung out at her house all day sat.
love you

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