November 4, 2011

A Virtual Day at the Beach With a Friend

Dreary, cold, rainy days are the hardest days for me to get myself out of my pajamas. How I would love to spend my entire day online, chatting with friends, ignoring all responsibilities.  My sweet friend Stef, was packing her family to go to the beach. I asked if I could go too, and she was sooo nice and said YES! Woohoo!!!

 So I stowed away in her beautiful Dayspring bag until we arrived at the beach!

When I climbed out, my eyes beheld the most beautiful ocean scene, with rolling waves, clapping like thunder upon their arrival at the beach. The seagulls were sqwuaking and flying over head. The sand felt so warm and comforting between my toes. It was magical.

Lunch time came so quickly, and Stef saved me a seat facing the ocean {she's kind like that because she knows how much I love it!}

@mysoulreflects gotta bring it in ... Poolside nap?? on Twitpic

 She decided to take our fun to the pool. It is nice to just lay in a lounge chair and watch the kids swim. Her boys were so nice and didn't splash me once!

@mysoulreflects sorry - bit windy. Hot tub time ! Theres room... on Twitpic

And of course, if there is a hot tub available, who isn't getting in? The boys were so nice to leave me some room! They tested the temperature first for me!

What a wonderful day at the beach with my friend Stef and her boys!

OK-Seriously, I was in Illinois and Stef was in Florida, but isn't this a beautiful picture of encouraging a friend?  We live thousands of miles apart, but yet through the magic of Twitter, it felt like we were kindred spirits enjoying a day at the beach (when I wasn't cowering under my umbrella, that is).

She took time for me, encouraged me with her photos, and we had a great time sending 140 characters back and forth across the miles.

Sisters, can you find someone who needs some encouragement?  Reach out, let them know they are loved and thought of often.  It may just be what helps them get through a really dreary day!

I love you Stef! You make me smile!


[email protected] said...

That's how you made me feel by taking "flat Marci" to Relevant! Even though I couldn't go hang with my friends, you took "me" along to join in the fun. You are awesome! I love my friends,too!

Stef Layton said...

LOVE - so glad our vacation was a blessing to you too !!

mama hall said...

lovely ladies! what a fun way to make the most of our virtual connections. xo

mama hall said...

ps: you can tag along with me in TX anytime!

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