November 17, 2011

A Snake in Indonesia Opens My Heart

These children are growing up in Indonesia where their parents are missionaries.  Look at those smiles!  Oh, and did you see the snake?  It's kinda hard to see 'cause it's so their back yard!

When I had the pleasure of hearing Joy speak at the Relevant Conference, she completely blew me away.  Her husband is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship and  flies missionaries in and out of the field. 

Joy told several beautiful stories about the way she had been blessed by the Indonesians that she is serving.  It was a powerful testimony of the way that God works.  I was in awe of her unselfish, servant heart...serving the Lord in a foreign country, in the jungles no less, and raising her 5 children.

Do you know what stuck with me weeks after hearing Joy speak?  The snake.

I live in a community of about 100,000 people, with 2 universities, and a very white collar work force.  Several large companies call our community home, so we are very blessed with a stable lifestyle.  My husband is a teacher, I'm an administrative assistant, we have one daughter in college, one in junior high and one in grade school.  We attend a growing church of about 4,000 people, where we serve regularly.

Is that enough?

This ain't no jungle. 

Somehow after meeting Joy and hearing about her life's work, my church's mission statement jumps off the page and speaks loudly to me, no longer able to be read over without conviction:

"A fearless church of Christ followers whose ridiculous love and dangerous witness are irresistible."

The snake in Joy's backyard is proof.

She answered the call to give ridiculous love in order to be a dangerous witness.

And it is irresistible.

God is moving

My heart is stirring

My mind cannot yet comprehend
So I'll wait



and say "Yes, Lord."

Will you answer the call with me?
Is He calling you?


Joy @gracefullmama said...

Love it! I love your sweet heartfelt message in this post! I love that my worst day could be a source of inspiration for you! :)
Thank you sweet sister!

Daniele @ Domestic Serenity said...

Oh, friend...I wait with you. Heart stirring here as well.

God will direct you and grace you for whatever journey lies ahead. He is forever good to us!

Stacy said...

I've been feeling stirred up as well since Relevant. It seems everyone came away with the feeling that we should be doing more. Over 200 women on fire and looking to serve...just imagine what God can do with that. :)

Mandy said...

Yes. Stirred. And awaiting a change, clear direction,... and courage to move.

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

He is calling me. I've answered yes. He is directing my path.

:)abundant blessings,


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