November 8, 2011

A OneVerse Movement for Every Language On Earth

weaveto form by combining various elements or details into a connected whole: 
to weave a tale; to weave a plan.

God, in his infinite wisdom, weaves

usually we are unaware of His handiwork

then, slowly a picture starts to emerge

we catch a glimpse of color,

of people we've never met who need our help.

we stop short, squint to see the whole

previously unaware, we become transfixed 

on the new



He begins weaving once-strangers together 

whispering a calling

one voice

one vision

one task:

Translate My Word, THE word into every tongue for every nation.


A movement of  OneVerse bloggers has begun, and my heart screams YES!  

YES Lord, use us, mold us, stir us to make a difference for YOU!

Will you join me?

It doesn't get any more real than this!

We all can make a difference, even if it is only one verse at a time! 

We are in a unique time in history - for the first time the number of languages that need Scripture are decreasing. Every language will have some portion of Scripture started in translation in this generation.”
~ Roy Peterson, President, The Seed Company

Will you join us?

Support Bible Translation - Become a OneVerse Partner Today


Jenny said...

That video is so moving! I think one of the most powerful videos that I have seen attesting to God's power to change lives. Amazing work that they are doing!

Natalie said...

BEAUTIFUL, sister. That video MOVES MY SOUL and makes me want to sell everything and be a missionary. Awesome post, friend.

Shanda said...

Thank you for drawing attention to this. I have worked closely with three bible translator families and know the work and sacrifice that goes into this. So rewarding.

Sherry C said...

So cool. I spent a few months 1n 1992 working on the SIL base in Papua New Guinea and had the awesome privilege of attending the dedication ceremony of the Chuave language New Testament. What an incredible experience that was, to witness people being handed the New Testament, in their own mother tongue, for the very first time. I definitely have a heart for Bible translation and am excited about what The Seed Company is doing. Thanks for sharing this incredible video.

Jen said...

Wow -- this is an amazing thing! And to think that this company is making so much progress -- scripture in every language. How cool -- every tongue confessing that Jesus is LORD!

jofenton said...

Thanks so much for this, Cherie! I can tell that God is just expanding your vision to how He's moving on such a global scale to bring His Word to every man, woman and child. Isn't it vast? Thanks for your heart in this. -Johanna, from The Seed Company and OneVerse

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