November 9, 2011

An Interview With Buck Denver from What's In The Bible!

I have a very special guest visiting here today! It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Buck Denver, a prominent newscaster over at JellyTelly Labs!

Hi Buck, thank you for joining us today! 

Buck: Thank you for that warm welcome, Cherie. It is a pleasure to be here!

I've heard there is a lot of excitement about a new Christmas video you've put together. Can you tell us about this new What's In The Bible DVD bundle?

Buck: I'm very excited about it!  I brought along a video that tells you all about the DVDs AND our new Christmas release!  Watch!

That was fantastic!  You mean for just $39.95 I can order all 5 DVDs and also get the new Christmas DVD?

Buck:  Yessirree!!  Phil Vischer, he's our creator you know, wants all the kiddos out there to have the chance to own this great series that teaches them all about bible history and cool bible stories.

My kids love your videos, Buck.  We own all of them and the whole family enjoys watching you and your friends.  Clive and Ian are pretty funny fellows!

Buck:  I'm so glad you like our videos!  We've worked  very hard to bring you lots of bible facts in a fun and entertaining way.

Well, you've done a great job!  Buck, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and sharing this great deal with us!

Buck: Oh I was happy to be here.  And don't forget, this is the BEST EVER Christmas gift for kids of all ages!!  Bye!

Wasn't that nice of Buck to stop in to visit with us today?  What a great deal those What's In The Bible folks are offering, huh?  Not only do they offer this great series, but their website is full of all kinds of printables, games, videos and even church curriculum!

Want in on the savings?  Just click the banner below and you can order this specially priced set for your family!  Because where else can you find a pirate teaching you about church history?


{Please know that this interview was entirely made up in my own mind.  Buck was booked for the day}

If you choose to purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission. Thank you!


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