November 23, 2011

God's Stirring Spirit

Some days a small voice in the back of my mind likes to take notice of how many things in my life could be better....if......

But as God has been stirring my heart, awakening my soul to the desperate needs of others, I've talked back to quiet that complaining, nagging voice....

I hate the noise our cheap shower head makes in the morning, annoying me awake
but many in our world walk for hours to collect water for their family,
and many times it is contaminated with bacteria

I'd love a new bedspread for Christmas, something beautiful, colorful
but many are sleeping every night on dirt floors,
without blankets or pillows

My family is not fond of left overs, those nights we eat what's left in the frig
but in destitute countries, some are willing to eat mud pies,
just to quiet their stomachs

Our thread bare couches should really be replaced
$2000 could provide 28 farm animals to a hungry family thru World Vision
I'd love to spoil my girls for Christmas, buying them everything on their list
but $300 can feed a Haitian family for an entire year

In this season of Thanksgiving, 
may we spread our blessings across the globe to bless others.  


Meredith said...

Oh Cherie...
This is just breathtaking.
And tragic.

Thank you for helping to open the eyes of our skewed perceptions of wealth.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...


SO keeping it in perspective,girl. Oh my did I ever need to read this.

You know, we live in such a wild culture that even after traveling to Ghana just six short months ago and seeing such extreme poverty, I am astounded by how easily I can get back into the groove of "If only we had a basement or a bigger back yard or not so many smudges on our wall or whatever". My basement free, small back yard home would be a palace in Ghana.

Praying for you as you prepare for your trip. Please give me info on what you would like for me to post and I will do it!!!

knittedintheheart said...

God is stirring us, too. Reading Katie's book "Kisses from Katie" - and being challenged.

Sara said...

I so needed my perspective to be changed today. Stressing over not being able to give my girls what I want yet the reality is they have so much. Thank you.

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