October 11, 2011

My Top Ten Greatest Fears of a Mission Trip to Haiti

Top Ten {Tuesday}

As I begin mentally preparing for my trip to Haiti, I can't help but find my mind wondering to all of the unknowns that will accompany me!

  1. Am I truly equipped to be a blessing?
  2. I've never left my family for this long before - 8 days
  3. Foreign foods! Can my stomach handle things I am not used to eating?
  4. Language barriers-Can I translate love without the use of words?
  5. Satan's attacks-When the kingdom advances, Satan throws up road blocks
  6. I never expected that on my first mission trip I would be going without my husband!
  7. Can I control the emotions that will inevitably find me as I witness abject poverty?
  8. Raising $1500-God knows where it is coming from, 'cause I sure don't!
  9. Surrendering to God's work
  10. Sleeping-Yes I worry about this.  I am a big sleeper and I already know the compound where we stay is surrounded at night by barking guard dogs.

But above all, I know my God holds all the answers.  If my name happens to cross your mind in the coming months as I prepare, will you pray for these items?  Thank you SO much!

Would you like to partner with me financially?  If you would like to contribute directly to my church, they can send you a receipt.  Simply send a check(with my name on the memo line) to:

Eastview Christian Church
Attn: December Haiti Trip
1500 N Airport Rd
Normal IL 61761

Please be sure to enclose your contact information.

If you would like to help with the extra expenses, you can contribute directly to my paypal account.


SomewhatCrunchy said...

You will do great - I promise! God equips the called so He will be with your every step. I have a friend who goes on regular mission trips to African destinations where they sleep in the compounds you mentioned - it amazes me becuase she is the "nervous type" but God (and a sleeping pill) sustain her :)

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