October 26, 2011

My Journey to Haiti

This photo may not seem very impressive on first glance, but one must know the history behind it to truly appreciate the love packed into this small crate bound for Haiti.

You see, within this plain board box, supplies have been packed and shipped to a family in Haiti that has virtually nothing.  This box is full of dishes, rugs, towels, chairs, toilet paper, a toilet seat, pillows, sheets, mattress pads, a laundry wire system, pots and pans.  All things we take for granted.

But for Darlene and her family, this box will contain a new life that goes with their new house.  They will transition from a tin and stick dirt house into a concrete block, strong, dry house.  A house with a roof that doesn't leak, a concrete floor, windows and a door.  A house that will withstand the rainy season and hurricane season.

The crate has been shipped, the workmen are building the house, and on December 2nd I will leave to meet and serve this family,  smothering them with the love of Christ.

As with any mission trip, I must raise $1500 for my portion of the expenses for the trip before November 2nd.  In addition, I need $500 for the many immunizations that are necessary to remain healthy throughout the trip. Would you consider donating?

I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I continue to prepare for this mission trip.
I can't wait to watch God work!


Miss Janet @ HOME said...


How did you meet this family? Are you working through an organization?



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