Family Friendly Movies

Sep 22, 2011

On a recent trip to the video store to find a movie for my daughter and a friend, I was completely appalled at the choices.  Every cover jacket was either covered in smut or gore.  What in the world has the entertainment industry turned into?  Do we not have any better taste than the garbage that is being produced these days?

Our choices were very slim, and I was disappointed.  In recent weeks a couple of movies have come to my attention, and I want to encourage you to support them and send Hollywood the message that we are tired of family UNfriendly movies!

Here are a few suggestions:

How about heading out to the theater for a family night out?  If these movies do well in the theater, then maybe we can finally start having more family movie choices!

Do you have any other family friendly movies you've watched lately?  Would you share them with us in the comments?


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