July 27, 2011

Warrior Prrayers - A Review

When I meet a Prayer Warrior, I am always in awe!  I want to know them, I want to pick their brain, I want to be like them, I want to learn from them.  God has gifted many women I know with the ability to pray continually, and my friend Brooke McGlothlin is one of them!

I "met" Brooke online through Twitter.  I started seeing prayers for her boys in her twitter stream with the hashtag #warriorprayers.  I was so intrigued, that I had to investigate further.  The prayers were so true from a mother's heart that I began writing them down to pray for my daughters.  The prayers were all based on scripture, so I knew they could be prayed for any child!

Last October I was excited to get to meet Brooke in person at the Relevant Conference.  She was just as sweet and sincere in person, of course.  (Do you know what else I love about Brooke?  She loves photography!)

Soon after the conference Brooke released this fantastic ebook called "Warrior Prayers: Praying The Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most".  I was so excited!  I knew I had to get my hands on this book.  I really didn't care that she was targeting boy moms, I needed this book to pray scriptures for my girls.  I'm sure Brooke thought I was stalking her, because every time she did a review or a book giveaway, I was right there in the mix with all those boy moms trying to win a copy!  Once when I didn't win, she took pity on me and sent me one anyway!  She's awesome like that!!

Well I couldn't wait to dive in, and I was not to be disappointed.  Brooke writes from her momma heart, and as I suspected, every word written is applicable to girl mommas too!

From her introduction,

"Friends, the battle for our sons' (and daughters) hearts won't be won just by reading and implementing the best parenting techniques. It won't be won through late nigh talks, lectures on right and wrong, or even committing to a Bible-preaching church.  These things are all important parts of the equation but they don't trump the most important piece of the fight.


This battle is best fought on our knees."

Brooke has both inspired and convicted me to be more diligent about praying the scripture for my girls.  I encourage you to order this ebook. (you can even buy it for a kindle or nook)  You will not be disappointed!  Once you've done that, head on over to Brooke's websites and get to know her.....for that, you will be blessed.


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