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Jul 11, 2011

Acts 28:17-30
Sermons to Build a Church On

Our last several posts on Acts have been centered on great sermons that were given while Paul was building the church.  This last passage finds Paul in chains once again, on his way to appeal before Caesar.

We know throughout Acts Paul's message is met with unbelievers.  Even the Jews were sometimes the ones responsible for putting him in jail!

If you read verses 23-30, you'll find some powerful words:






Paul had spent his entire ministry teaching and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.

  "Boldly and without hindrance 
he preached the kingdom of God 
and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ." (v31)

Have you ever examined your life and asked yourself what are you building-within your home, your church and your community?

Are you building a legacy for Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven or a carnal life for this world?  I hope you are building a life for Christ, brick by brick, through grace!


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