The Book of Acts - First Healing

Apr 4, 2011

First Healing
Acts 3:1-10

Although the apostles have been performing miracles, as described briefly in Chapter 2:43, we were never given any details or specific stories.  But in this section of scripture we are given a first hand look at Peter and John  healing a lame man.  Even though through Jesus resurrection the Jews are freed from many of the Old Testament laws, we still see Peter and John returning to the temple 3 times per day to pray.  

This particular afternoon they pass by a lame man who is asking for money at the temple gates.  Of course, he can't go into the temple because he is considered unclean because of his deformity.  Remember, in Old Testament times, if you were afflicted with some kind of illness you were unclean, and were considered to have either sinned yourself or your parents had sinned.  So he is at the gate where he can go no further.  He comes ever day to beg for money to survive.  They've probably passed by him hundreds of times, but today the scripture says in verse 4, Peter and John looked "straight at him".  How many times do we pass by someone in need, but we don't ever make eye contact or stop long enough to help in some small way?  Our society is full of the lame.  Our churches too.

Peter replies to his request for money that he has no gold or silver, but he does have something to share....the healing touch of Jesus Christ.  So in the name of Jesus, he takes the man by the hand and commands him to walk.  The man had been begging for money his entire life, but had he ever asked to be healed?  Do we sometimes pray shortsightedly?   Do we need to pray bigger prayers that go beyond our current circumstance?

He is immediately, instantly healed.  Remember our writer here is Luke, the doctor.  I am sure his amazement is huge watching a man lame from birth immediately get up and not just start walking, but jumping and praising God all the way to the temple courts.  For the first time he can enter the temple courts to praise God like everyone else.

In verse 9, all the people were watching him in amazement.  They had all walked by him hundreds of times too.  They can't believe what they are seeing!  They were "filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him".  Do we recognize the miraculous when we set it?  Do answers to pray happen all around us without receiving the praise they deserve?

Our God is so BIG!  Let's turn our wonder and amazement into praise, thanksgiving, and singing!!


Paula ~ Princess Warrior Chick,  April 4, 2011 3:21 AM  

This is great! So much revealed here about the disciples and ourselves! Thank you!

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