Confessions of a Book Lover

Feb 4, 2011

After being snowed in for three days, I got very excited to learn that the library book sale was still on!  I must sheepishly admit that this is one of my favorite sales.  It just hurts to pay full price for a book, and I have found some of the most wonderful things at the library sale for less than $1.00.  I always head directly to the "Inspirational" section.  This title just makes me laugh.  Even the library feels it has to be politically correct.

See the great things I found tonight?  The Bible on the top is a girls bible in the New Living Translation that is just perfect for my 9 year old...yep 50 cents.  The three Faith Girlz books under that...been looking for those on PaperBackSwap for months...10 cents each because they are children's books!  Got a new Max Lucado I didn't have.  I always pick up a clean copy of The Power of a Praying Wife to give away.  I was VERY excited to find The Message copy of the entire bible.  So often you only find it in the New Testament version.  The Children's Bible stories is cool because it has 365 stories as they appear in the bible.

I really need to find some reading time, as my stacks have continued to grow and I haven't done much more than collect them.  Time to dig in!

Do you take advantage of your library's book sales?

My friend Rachel is having a fun link up at her blog today.  Go visit and join in on the fun!


Lisa,  February 4, 2011 8:53 AM  

I love book sales like that!

Karen,  February 4, 2011 12:59 PM  

So funny...just one more thing that we have in common. I used to go all the time with an ex years ago in the big city but haven't been back since got married and had kids which sounds ridiculous. The flood of 08 damaged the library and I don't even know where they moved now. Now one thing I don't know is if my little town next door(the library we go to) has a sale. Guess what I am going to ask on my next visit. I should know since I donated as a friend of the library. How dumb is that? I am thinking we need to send each other a link of books we have and do our own swap. I sometimes feel like I have my own library along with my kiddos cuz I just keep buying. I have an ongoing list on Amazon in my buy later for all the books I want. Have a blessed day dear friend and happy reading!!!

ps...have you read the Sally Clarkson books...just read mission and motherhood and loved them...

Mrs_Thielke,  February 4, 2011 8:24 PM  

I love books! :) Great deals!

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