Jan 7, 2011

A Weekend in Wisconsin

It has been a tradition for many years to meet my husband's extended family over Christmas break somewhere in the midwest, sometimes Minneapolis, sometimes the Wisconsin Dells, or like this year, in Madison, Wisconsin.  Husband's cousin was in charge of finding a place for us to stay and she found this incredible Red Barn that has been converted into a very large lodge.  We had a total of 23 people, and we all fit comfortably, with plenty of room for all the kids to run around and play, lots of space to eat, and a great kitchen to make our own meals.  I especially love that part because eating out for the weekend can be so expensive and time consuming.  It takes a long time to serve 23 people! (not to mention keeping kids entertained that long!!)

 Inside the silo they had built a four story spiral staircase.  It was very cool!  Of course, the photographer in me had to go out exploring.  Here are a few shots from our walk on the property.

We were in Wisconsin, so we had to wear orange during hunting season!  Below me and K hanging out by the big fireplace.

We all played Guesstures one night and our sides hurt from laughing until we cried!  I just love family events like that.  We had a great time!


It's Grace said...

What a gorgeous place! I love playing games and laughing until my sides hurt, too! We got Buzzword for Christmas, and that is a pretty fun game. Though, my favorite is Catch Phrase.

Have a great weekend,

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