Jan 13, 2011

DeCluttering on a Terror

As part of my word for 2011, Focus, I have been feeling a great need to organize and declutter.  I started cleaning Wednesday after several weeks of family being home and the craziness of the holidays, and I found myself in a very rare mood of wanting to just throw everything away!

Here is where I need the advice of my friends:  when you have been in a mood like this, when you just want it all out of your house, have you ever regretted throwing something away?  Has there ever been a time that you decided to really clean and then after garbage day, wish you would have thought harder about what you were choosing to pitch?

Clutter is winning at our house right now, and I don't want to do anything I might regret later!  I may need someone to shout into a megaphone:  "Step away from that filing cabinet!" 

What do you think?  Keep going and pitch it all?  or  Stop cleaning at once before I do something I'll regret?


Marci said...

I have times like that too. I can only think of one or two things that I have pitched in a fit of decluttering frenzy that i wish I would have kept

Katia said...

LOL, Cherie, IKWYM!!!! I say put in into boxes, label the boxes, throw away what can easily be acquired later at a good sale or thrift store.
I too have been trying to organize my house. You know something I think it has a lot to do with your bible reading, seriously. As your priority with the Lord get put into the right perspective so the rest of your life.

Karen said...

I used to regret but after reading and studying so much about "things" and that they all belong to God..........I don't regret any more. I get in those moods and my hubby loves them because he isn't a keeper. I say go with the first feeling of getting rid of but if the item is in your hand and you have a 2nd thought then put that in a pile and go back to it later when your mood isn't quite so.."I am getting rid of everything"!!! Have a blessed day dear friend.

ps....I have been thinking of you lately. Why didn't we talk more at Relevant. I could kick myself. I think I was nervous and scared. I really wanted to but didn't get the courage. I hope we can talk more at this year's conference. I really would love to get to know you better. I think we may have a lot in common!

It's Grace said...

I've been on a cleaning rampage, too. The things I've been throwing out at this point have been items that were long overdue to be thrown out. I had way too many food storage containers and kitchen gadgets. It was time to get rid of clothes I wore 15 years ago that may fit someday. (Yeah right!!)

I would ask yourself WHY you are holding on to something and you will likely find the answer in the question. When I was cleaning out my hope chest I threw out a ton of stuff from a trip. I had been hoarding all these items so I could remember my trip. I decided to keep just a few favorite reminders. Same with my kids' drawings. I chose a select few to keep and pitched the rest-without regret.

Not sure if this will help at all, but I do wish you success, I know this can be a challenge.


barnlady61537 said...

Ha! Now you know how I felt when moving and was being encouraged to pitch it in the dumpster!
I like the idea of putting it in a box and labeling it. If you change your mind, you'll know where to find it. But then there's that, 'where do you store the box' thing.

Rachel said...

I'm sure you've thought of this before, but one of my biggest filters is...if I haven't thought about it or used it in 1 year or more than I probably won't miss it this year. That, of course, doesn't apply to heirlooms and memories or if I can think of a SPECIFIC use for it in the future. Don't even know if this makes sense! =)

MelaKamin said...

I say - let it go. I keep having to remind myself (and my Mother) that I don't want to be defined by things, but what I do with the gifts I've been given by God. We're downsizing and will be forced to part with lots of things ... I'm a little terrified and a lot excited about that. It will be very freeing, I'm sure.

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