Praying for the Persecuted in Uzbekistan

Sep 30, 2010

Uzbekistan is a small country along the southern border of the former Soviet Union.  Like so many persecuted countries, the primary beliefs here are Muslim.  All religious communities must be registered with the government, and anything against the Muslim faith is certainly denied.

Community leaders are known for shutting off water and electricity to homes where Christians live in an attempt to drive them out of their villages.  The parents of children attending protestant schools have been warned to stop attending church.  The children were even forced to write out statements that stated they would stop attending church.

Would you pray with me this week that these Christians will be encouraged to stay faithful in their struggles?  Pray also for their government to lift  sanctions against believers and for all imprisoned for their faith to be freed.


Reflection of Jesus

Sep 29, 2010

As water reflects a face,
so a man's heart reflects the man.
Proverbs 27:19

"Whenever, though, they turn to face God as Moses did, God removes the veil and there they are - face to face! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him."  2 Corinthians 3:16&18 MSG

When I took this photo, I immediately wondered if I reflect Jesus.  Our christian walk is all about becoming more like Jesus.  Hour by hour and day by day, do I get closer to showing a reflection of Jesus instead of myself?  Do I do what I need to each and every day to become "brighter and more beautiful"?  There are no rest stops or finish lines for a christian walk.  Have you noticed that if you take a rest, you lose your brightness?  The light begins to fade as the darkness seeps in and envelopes.

I pray today as I pass a mirror, that the reflection staring back at me is not my own, but Jesus!



A Bleary Eyed Day

Sep 28, 2010

I awoke Monday morning absolutely exhausted.  I had a hard time staying away for my morning prayer time, and it was scattered at best.  I had no motivation to get up and do anything.  I was in my pajamas until noon, and only then did I get in the shower because I had to be somewhere at 1:00 pm.  This was the way my day continued.  I was bleary-eyed, tired, and ready to go back to bed.

This morning I awoke and came downstairs to my prayer chair.  It was already many hits on the snooze alarm.  I only had a few moments before the girls came down for breakfast.  I'm sure my prayers were scattered once again.

As I drove into work this morning, I listened to some praise music to get my blood pumping.  My train of thought went something like this..... "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!!!!"

When I got home from work today, I took the dog for a walk, and started in on some seriously needed prayer.  I talked it over with God.....well, I talked....a lot....and I know he was listening, 'cause that's what He does.   He is forever faithful and He impressed upon my heart that I had slipped back into my old way of doing things and I was trying to do life on my own power, instead of life through His power.

I had dropped my armor.  Remember in Ephesians 6 when Paul is talking about the Armor of God, you don't want to miss two very important words, "put on".  That means, each morning in my prayer time, I need to be asking God to help me "suit up" for the day.  I had not been doing this.  I had not been praying specifically against those strongholds that were once again pulling me down.  I was starting to fight them on my own all over again.  My shield of faith and sword of truth don't do me much good when they are hanging at my sides, unused.  That leaves an open target for Satan's fiery arrows.

Before my walk with the dog was over, I had put my armor back in its correct place.

A special thanks to my Good Morning Gals who were steadfastly praying for me during this crazy time!


Green Cleaning - A New Revelation

Sep 27, 2010

Just a few weeks ago I was frustrated with my cleaning methods and asked all of you what your favorite products were for cleaning.  To my surprise, most of you are using items found in your pantry like baking soda and vinegar.  I never thought these could be that effective, so I just never tried it.  Oh, but I have certainly tried everything else!  The price for these cleaners is absolutely outrageous!  I hated spending that much on something that I had no confidence in to work as promoted.  Sure enough, most of them I was unhappy with or just couldn't handle the nasty smell that came with them.

We have a very small single stall shower in our master bedroom.  The fumes from any cleaner that I have tried make me run for the door after spraying them!  I recently learned that almost all over the counter cleaners have toxins in them!  As we all know, toxins don't mix well with the human body.  No wonder I had to run for the door from the smell!  And to top it off, they didn't work very well either!!

Then there is my kitchen floor.  Doesn't ever woman curse her kitchen floor?  With small children and pets underfoot it is nearly impossible to keep clean for more than 5 minutes.  Then we have been fooled to believe that a tiny little "wet-jet" mop can handle all that dirt.  Baloney!!  As I tried every mop in the universe over the last several years, the only thing I got was dirtier floors!  I have a very old linoleum floor that has all kinds of divots.  Know what settles in the divots?  Dirty mop water!  Commercial cleaners just couldn't seem to cut through the years worth of divot dirt!

So last week I decided to try a homemade recipe of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.  I then got down on my hands and knees--which I have NEVER done before--and scrubbed with a brush!

I still can't get over the difference!  Yes the linoleum is ugly, but it is the cleanest it has ever been in the 10 years we have lived here!  AND I didn't pass out from the fumes!!  With all the money I will be saving making my own cleaners, maybe I can finally afford a new kitchen floor!
As I began searching the internet looking for more recipes for this new way of cleaning, I came across Leslie, The Cleaning Coach.  I was so happy to find her because she had all the homemade recipes I needed all in one place!  She has created an awesome e-book full of recipes for cleaning every area of your home.  I also love that her site  has some videos to help.  She has hundreds of cleaning tips, and they all involve natural products that won't harm you, your family or the environment.  Leslie has graciously offered a discount code for you to receive $5 off of anything in her book store, including this awesome e-book!!  Just use CGOUT at checkout.  Thank you Leslie!!

Leslie also offers tips and tricks on her Facebook page and on Twitter.  For those of us--me especially--who need all the help we can get, Leslie is ready to provide training and motivation for cleaning.

I've been a cleaning machine after discovering Leslie's recipes, and I am happy to report that my house no longer has a toxic cloud hanging over it!


Christian Stay at Home Mom Blog Award Winner

Sep 24, 2010

Top Christian Stay at Home Mom Blog

When the email arrived in my inbox, I couldn't believe what I was reading.  My readers had nominated me for a blog award!  Not just any blog award, buy a Christian Mother award!  From their website, "The winners have been award for providing the best content in terms of inspiration, uniqueness, and their ability to seamlessly weave their faith into their lives as a parent to be an oasis of serenity in a world of chaos."   WOW!

I am beyond humbled by this award.  Thank you so very much!!

To view the entire list of winners, hop on over to their website.  I am in some amazing company!


Praying for the Persecuted in Afghanistan

Sep 23, 2010

"The constitution in Afghanistan states 'no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of Islam.' Most Christians are secret believers unable even to own a Bible. If exposed, Christians face fierce reprisals from family, community and the Taliban, including expulsion from their homes, verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, beatings, loss of employment, imprisonment and even death. There is no visible Church; yet the Church continues to grow."

This summer a firestorm of controversy erupted when an Afghan television station broadcast several citizens performing baptisms.  Riots broke out in several cities calling for the execution of those believers.  The call to execute anyone practicing christianity came from the top of the Afghan government.  While Muslims continue to assert that Islam is a religion of peace and community, their actions do not communicate that belief.

Despite the horrible conditions portrayed about converts, many persecuted christians continue to only ask for prayer to get them through their circumstances.  Would you pray this week for those who have no religious freedoms?  Pray also that our government would apply more pressure to Muslim countries to allow freedom of religion, and certainly to condemn their practice of executing converts.

Read more here
Read more here


Just Give Me Jesus

Sep 22, 2010


he is everything

As I sit alone in my home on a Saturday night while the family is out, completely free to do anything I wish, I am pondering why spending time with Jesus isn’t at the top of my list. Shouldn’t it be? What keeps me from running to my prayer chair at this quiet hour to gather in His presence and soak him in? Is it my never ending to-do list? Is it my desire to just sit and relax? Selfishness. He is the culprit. I want to control my time and use it in my way. But as I glance at the empty chair in the corner, I hear him calling me. I see him waiting, ever so patiently, for me to join him there in sweet quiet and worship, reverence and awe. He waits.

If I obey his tender calling, I will be blessed beyond measure. My family depends on it. Being in his presence brings peace beyond understanding. My cup of patience will again be filled to overflowing. My heart will be refilled with grace. My soul will return to a place of quiet beauty. After all, being in the Master’s presence is our heavenly reward. We are constantly looking for his return so that we can abide once again with him for eternity. But seeking him now, in the middle of my world, seems an interruption to my “me” time.

But yet, my heart’s deepest desire is to know Him. How can I know Him if I am so selfish with my time that I won’t spend these few precious quiet hours with him? How can I feel his presence if I never slow down long enough to enter into that presence. He waits. As a parent with open arms calling to a child, He calls to me, waiting for me to drop everything I am doing and run into his arms. Run to the loving safety that only He can provide. I must choose to either succumb to the desires of my flesh, or obey the sweet invitation from my Savior.

His promise is sure
His life is matchless
His goodness is limitless
His mercy is enough
His grace is sufficient
His burden is light
His yolk is easy
He is indestructible
He is inescapable

He is irresistible
He is invincible
He is incomprehensible
He is irrefutable
I can’t get him out of my mind

I can’t get him out of my heart
I can’t outlive him
I can’t live without him
The Pharisees hated him but couldn’t stop him
Satan tried to tempt him
The Romans crucified him but couldn’t take his life
Death couldn’t handle him
And the grave couldn’t hold him*

just give me Jesus

*Source: Anne Graham Lotz



I Prayed for this Child

Sep 21, 2010

"I prayed for this child" I Samuel 1:27 

I read a great devotion yesterday morning that really struck a cord with me.  I  related to Hannah's story in I Samuel as she prayed  for a child.  The Lord blessed her with Samuel.  Hannah's prayer of praise in chapter 2 is well known for it's beauty and glory to God for her answered prayer.

Before K was born, Husband and I had experienced 2 miscarriages. We were distraught, feeling as though we may not be able to have children together. We prayed fervently for a baby, and once I became pregnant again, we prayed constantly that nothing would be added or subtracted from her development.

When she was born, on her right hand was a small skin tag that the doctors thought could possibly have been an extra finger trying to grow. When she opened her little hand, she was holding a blood sack about the size of a pea. The doctors were quite astonished, but assured us that it could all easily be removed.

Husband and I immediately smiled at one another, because we knew it was the answer to months of prayer. To this day, K has a small bump on the outside of her pinky finger that reminds us of God's answer to our prayers.

Blessings that come to us through answered prayer should be doubly honored and praised, as it is a testament to our faith and to our God.

What answered prayer are you celebrating today?


Hello Mornings!

Sep 20, 2010

It has been several weeks since I last checked in with everyone on how our household is doing with the Hello Mornings Challenge.  I am very proud to say that we are doing VERY well.  I have stayed really consistent with my 6:45 am wake up call, which gives me about 30 minutes of prayer time before the girls come downstairs.  We then all head to the kitchen together for breakfast and a devotion.  This has really made our mornings go much smoother.

I often play music while I am at home during the day.  I tend to listen to the same Christian artists.  After listening to some of Kat's suggestions in her ebook, I found a new artist that has great lyrics for worship, Phil Wickham.  I have also been a long time fan of Jeremy Camp and he just came out with a great worship album called We Cry Out; The Worship Project.  It is excellent! It has some of my absolutely favorite songs from church that always move me.

A little tidbit that you may not know about me:  I HATE exercise!  But as I continue to grow old older, the metabolism just isn't what it used to be!  A few weeks ago a Zumba class started at our grade school just down the street.  I signed up and have actually been enjoying it.  I've lost 3 pounds!  Which is a very good thing, because some pants were getting a little tight!  Actually enjoying an exercise routine is a major milestone in my life!

I've also been working on a cleaning routine.  I don't have all the kinks worked out yet, but I will have some fun things I want to share with you on a later post.  Stay tuned!!

All in all, I am really happy with how these changes have been coming...thanks Michelle and Kat!


Bring the Children to Me

Sep 17, 2010

Sometimes it feels like a mother's job is to worry over her children.  But Jesus wants us to bring them to Him.  

"Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them, 
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  
"And he took the children in his arms, 
put his hands on them and blessed them." 
Mark 10:14,16

Charles Spurgeon put it this way, "We must never cease to pray until they cease to breathe.  No situation is hopeless while Jesus lives."

My heart was so encouraged by these words today.


Unexpected Encouragement

Sep 16, 2010

Do you ever set out on a plan only to get half way through and get discouraged.  Maybe people aren't responding the way they would, or they aren't responding at all!  You might get half way through a project and suddenly run out of ideas to finish.

Nothing helps motivate me more than someone's words of encouragement.  If someone lets me know that they have been touched by something I have written, or said, or done, then I feel compelled to keep going.  I get the extra boost of energy I need to continue down the path set before me.

Several weeks ago I started posting about the Persecuted Church on Thursdays.  The posts didn't get much response in the way of comments, but I still felt strongly about bringing to light the horrors that some Christians in our world must face when they do not have freedom of religion.

I was so encouraged when out of the blue, several people on Twitter mentioned my blog and resent my tweets about the posts.  I love the way God works in that about the time we feel like giving up, he sends a quick messenger to confirm that we are doing exactly as He asked.

My encouragement to you today:  don't be afraid to say a kind word to someone you may not even know.  You may just be the encouragement they need in that very moment!


Praying for the Persecuted in the Maldives

The Maldives are a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, just off the southern tip of India.  Over 200 of the islands are inhabited, with their population being around 300,000.  The country is deeply Muslim.  No other religions are allowed.  Bibles are illegal for residents, but visitors are allowed to have them, however they cannot share them with the population.  Any current believers hide their beliefs and meetings deeply underground.

Despite the claim that foreigners may have bibles, anyone coming into the country to work is stripped of any non-Islamic items upon entry to the country.  Those items might be CDs, books, bibles or religious photos.

Would you pray for this country with me this week?


Building a Quiet and Gentle Spirit

Sep 15, 2010

"Unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, 
is of great worth in God's sight."
I Peter 3:4b
What does this verse mean to you?  Does it mean as women we are to be quiet and meek?  I think God finds beauty in a spirit that is under control at all times.  A quiet spirit is one that is true grace under pressure.  When the world throws all it can throw at us, would others see beauty in our response to the stress and unanswered questions?

I want to build a faith that is gentle and quiet, that no matter what circumstances I am facing, others will see a spirit under control and depending on God for every need and every answer.



Divine Guidance

Sep 14, 2010

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, 
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 
"This is the way; walk in it."  Isaiah 30:21

Technology today has made us very dependent on gadgets for helping us find our way:  GPS, MapQuest, Google, aps on cell phones, internet, etc.  In our human nature we seem to want to find the fastest, easiest way through everything.

God has provided us with his Divine Guidance Manual-the Bible.  We also have the ear of heaven any time we desire.  Maybe we should rely more on Him for guidance, rather than on the latest gadget.  Spend time at his feet and wait for his whisper that will tell you which way to walk.


Join One Million Moms to Protect our Children

Sep 13, 2010

One Million Moms is an organization that is trying to make a dent in the moral decline and lack of positive influences in the media.  The organization was started to give mothers a combined voice against the decision makers of social media and television that are putting out immoral and inappropriate content for all to see, regardless of age.  They provide a place for all of us to come together and speak up to protect our children's innocence.

I recently joined their website when I saw a news release that Claire's stores were selling bracelets with pretend razor blades hanging from them.  I was completely appalled.  One Million Moms started an email campaign to the corporate offices of Claire's, and guess what, it worked!  They issued a statement of apology and withdrew the product from their shelves.  Now that is great teamwork!

You can go to their website and sign up for their e-newsletters.  They will send you an email when they have a new cause that needs your attention.  You certainly don't have to respond to every email, but if something appears that really touches your heart, they give all the information you need to contact that company and join thousands of other moms voicing the same concerns.

Let's speak up, Moms!  Join the fight in protecting our children!!


Giveaway Winners!

Sep 12, 2010

I had promised these winners on Friday, and here it is Sunday, so sorry for the delay!

Here we go:

The winner of the $10 gift certificate to KellyJoDesigns is Karen!

The winner of a bead from Karen Workman are:

The winner of the bracelet from Nelia Designs is Teri Lynne!

The winner of the earrings from Nelia Designs is Marissa!

Congratulations everyone.  Can you please send me an email with your mailing address? 


Pre-Planning Holiday Giving

Sep 10, 2010

Holiday planning.  It is hard for me to even type the words, but I just read yesterday there are 105 days until Christmas!  Now, I don't start shopping this early, but I do want you to think about something else.  Gather your family together for an 2010 Giving meeting!!  Sit down with everyone and go over your options, I'll give you some below, and decide as a family how you will bless others this Christmas.  By planning now, you won't be in a rush when your shopping does come around, and you can plan that extra giving into your budget over the next couple of months.  Meeting as a family ensures that everyone is included in on the decision making, which for kids is really necessary, and it also begins the season early with getting the children to focus on giving to others.

Read the rest of this post over at The Tuckers Take Tennessee!


Praying for the Persecuted in Somalia

Sep 9, 2010

Somalia is one of the most brutal countries in the world, mostly run by terrorist groups.  Stories of horror are constantly emerging from this country about the persecution of Christians:

  • A Christian man in Mogadishu was accused of trying to convert a Muslim boy and executed
  • Another believer refused to betray his teacher in the faith, and his young sons were beheaded.
  • An evangelist bringing Bibles into the country was discovered and shot.
  • A Muslim background Believer was publically executed in a soccer stadium in SOMALIA. His crime was believing in Jesus rather than Mohammed. His wife, whom he married earlier this year and who is now pregnant, must live without him.
  • A 17-year-old MBB in SOMALIA is being held in captivity by her Muslim parents because she refuses to renounce her faith. During the day she is shackled to a tree, and at night she is kept in a small, dark room.
  • In SOMALIA an underground church leader who had previously escaped being kidnapped was just recently killed by Islamic militants. Now the militants say his body may not be buried, but must be left to the dogs.
Persecution is REAL!  Please pray for these brave souls who refused to denounce their faith in Christ.  May we all be this courageous in our faith!!



Amazing Bracelet and Earrings Giveaway

Today's Featured Etsy Shop is:

Nelia P.K. Designs!

Nelia was all in when I contacted her and ask if I could highlight her shop!  Her shop opened in July, and she is still waiting for her first sale.  Could it be you?   She has some absolutely exquisite jewelry.  Today she offered not just one piece of jewelry for our giveaway, but TWO!
Nelia sent a bracelet for me to wear and try out, and I have received nothing but compliments on it for about 10 days now.  The cool thing is, that I can wear it with almost every outfit I own.  It goes with everything!!  I love the memory wire bracelets because you don't have to mess with a clasp AND one size fits all.  So with a skinnier wrist for me, it doesn't flop all over the place!  Here is the piece I have been wearing: 

I love it so much I am going to order the matching necklace and earrings to go with it!  I must have a complete set!!

Want to win one??  All you have to do is go over and visit Nelia's shop and come back and leave a comment telling us all about your favorite piece.  Remember we will be drawing for both the earrings and the bracelet.

All of the giveaways will be drawn on Friday and announced, so be sure to check back to see if you are a winner!


Beautiful Beads Giveaway!

Sep 8, 2010

When I stumbled upon Karen's glass beads, I was amazed!  I had been searching Etsy for some new shops that I could support and her beads jumped right off the page at me.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot get a photo that does them any justice. Karen has been making handmade glass beads for 7 years!

Karen just opened her shop on Etsy at the beginning of August, and it has been such a hit that she is having a hard time keeping beads listed!  Now that is a good problem to have, isn't it?  She also has some items listed in her Ebay store.

Many of Karen's beads are sold as sets, so they are a jewelry makers dream.  But I also love that a single bead can be placed on a necklace wire and worn alone!  That is how I have been wearing the beads that Karen sent along for me!! I bought a simple wire at my local bead store.

Want to win one?  I thought so!  Go to Karen's Etsy store, then come back here and let us know your favorite beads!  I have 5 beads to giveaway, so your chances are really good!

Entries to all three giveaways this week will be open until Thursday evening.  I'll draw and post winners on Friday.



Fun Etsy Reviews and Giveaway

Sep 7, 2010

I am very excited to be introducing several new Etsy Shops to you this week.  They have all graciously agreed to giveaway some of their very cool goodies.  So let's dig in!


Today I want you to meet Kelly from Kelly Joy Boutique.  She opened her Etsy shop in April and has created some of the most ADORABLE hair accessories I have ever seen!  Many are absolutely beautiful for little girls, but the bonus is that many can be worn by women as well.  Several can be either hair clips or used as a brooch on a jacket or purse.  Her newest adventure is creating hair clips for your favorite university teams!  Isn't that clever?

See that adorable baby in the photo?  That is Kelly's beautiful little girl.  She makes an exquisite model, don't you think?

So what do you have to do to win the $10 Gift Certificate to Kelly's shop?  I am so glad you asked!!

  1. Go visit Kelly's shop and let us know in the comments what you would buy with your Gift Certificate.
  2. For another entry, go "like" Kelly's Facebook page, leave a comment that you did.
  3. For a third entry, follow Kelly on twitter @kellyjoydesigns, leave a comment that you are following.
Tomorrow you won't want to miss a fabulous piece of jewelry from Nelia's Designs. I've worn a piece of her jewelry every day this week and have been receiving comments like crazy!

All winners to the drawings taking place this week will be posted on Friday, so check back here to see if I drew your name!


Happy Monday

Sep 6, 2010

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to Friday's post about cleaning!  You all gave great suggestions and I have been cleaning all weekend.  More about that in an upcoming post.

Today I'm taking it easy with my family for Labor Day.

But starting tomorrow, you don't want to miss visiting each day as I will be reviewing some brand new Etsy shops with some very fun giveaways!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for the fun!



Sep 3, 2010

I think I have been fairly honest with all of you that cleaning is like a four letter word to me.  Absolutely hate it.  Have I been too strong?  NO!  Just ask my family!!

Anyway, I am on a quest to find the best cleaning supplies out there.  I believe that one of the reasons I hate it is because I just don't have the right tools and products to make it go quickly and efficiently.  This is where you come in!

I would so LOVE if all of you lovely ladies would leave me a comment and let me know:

  1. Your favorite cleaning product-bleach, Mr.Clean, 409?????
  2. Your favorite cleaning tools
  3. Any tips and hints you have found that make cleaning easier
  4. Mopping haunts me!  Any help you can give would surely be appreciated! I have a steam cleaner and I still can't get the floor clean!
I know for sure that some of you out there are  lean-mean-cleaning machines, and I need your expertise!  Don't let me down!  I need lots of comments before I go shopping for all the lovely suggestions you are going to make that will make my life easier!!!


Praying for the Persecuted in Saudi Arabia

Sep 2, 2010

This week we are focusing our prayers for the persecuted on the nation of Saudi Arabia.  Ever since Islam gained control of the country some 1300 years ago, all other religions have been banned.  The nation considers itself the guardian of the Islamic holy sites, as Mecca is in Saudi Arabia.  Remember Islam dictates that every Muslim must make the trek to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the entire world.  This does not bode well for Christians caught evangelizing or meeting in private.  Christians are expelled, arrested, or executed.  Many times drug charges are brought falsely against them so that they remain in jail.

Sadly honor killings are popular in this country as well.  This is when one of their family members converts to christianity, someone in the family takes it upon themselves to kill them because they have dishonored the family.  The murder seems less important than the stain of christianity in their family.

With a population of 2.2 million, only 2.2% profess to be Christian.

This week can you pray for Saudi Arabia:
  • That those who find Jesus through satellite TV programs and the internet will find fellowship and spiritual encouragement
  • That expatriate and Saudi church leaders will be kept safe and have courage and wisdom
  • For freedom from fear for congregations whose leaders are in prison or hiding.
  • Pray for Christians working secretly to share the message of Christ in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pray that nations of the world will pressure Saudi Arabia to act on their agreements and recognize the rights of their citizens.
  • Pray that Christians from Muslim backgrounds will find fellowship and continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord.
As always, you can find more information at Open Doors USA or The Voice of the Martyrs.


A Time for Everything

Sep 1, 2010

There is a time for everything, 
and a season for every 
activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Nothing with God is haphazard or unplanned, surprising or unknown.  Each summer about this time, the monarch butterflies return to my yard to find their sweet nectar in the garden.  We've been fortunate to even capture caterpillars and provide them a safe home while they turn into their chrysalis.  Upon their arrival bursting forth from their cocoon, we gently place them outside where their life cycle begins once again.

This cycle isn't coincidental.  It is by God's design.  I take comfort knowing that my Creator has provided a time for everything in my life.  My life isn't haphazard either.  God is in control.  He holds me in the palm of his nail scared hands, and there I will rest... safe, loved and joyful.


Don't forget to stop back by tomorrow, as we'll be praying for Persecuted Christians in the country of Saudi Arabia.

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