Dec 6, 2010

Total Randomness-Christmas, Snow, Crafts, Mess

I don't think I have ever done a post about complete randomness, but that is about what life feels like right now, so here we go!

First for all my southern friends, you know who you are in Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia - SNOW just for you!

(ok, so maybe I am the only one who doesn't like it)

And does every one else's house look like this when you are trying to get all the Christmas decor out?

Maybe 6-7 crates of decor is overdoing it?  I think we may need to downsize!

I've been crafting the last few days and I can't wait to show you some things this week.  But here is a sneak peak .... yes, the kitchen table matches the disaster in the living room!

Before the flu got me down last week, I had some plans to make a few things from thrift store and dollar store finds.  It's been sitting there waiting for me!  Notice the essentials to every crafter- the TV remote, a can of Mountain Dew,, wait a minute, I have no idea how that purple sock got on the table......

More to come tomorrow and hopefully I'll have all this crafty goodness put together and ready to show you!

How's that for randomness!!?!


stacey said...

I only miss the first snow...after that I'm pretty fine with sunny and 75 degrees during the winter months!

Thanks for letting me enjoy it with you! Hope you feel better!

SomeGirl said...

LOVE it! Thank you! You made me feel all Christmasy and at home. :)

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