Dec 13, 2010

Mom Becomes Nurse

Nothing stops a Momma in her tracks faster than a sick kiddo!  Everything else in the world comes to a halt.  Time stands still as we tend to the every need of our precious little one.
We sit on the couch for hours watching cartoons that make no sense.

Backs rubs are given upon command.

The kitchen is open for 24 hours a day for their every need or whim.

Ice cream is an acceptable meal.

The TV remote becomes the sole possession of the sick child.

The living room floor becomes a soothing nest of futon mattress, pillows and blankets.

Whether for a few short hours or days on end, Moms give every minute to caring for sick kids, sometimes even sick husbands.

To all the Mothers out there who becomes Nurses in the blink of an eye, my kudos to your endearing work!


BARBIE said...

Awe, so sorry you have a sick little one at home. Praying she feels better soon.

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