Dec 7, 2010

Christmas Crafts on the Cheap!

The crafting bug has bit me again, so this time I decided to challenge myself to make a few things as cheaply as possible!  So I took off for the thrift store to see what might strike me, and then went on to the Dollar Store.  I'd love to share with you this week a few things I created, el cheapo!

I wanted to make something that could be a centerpiece, a candle holder or a vase.  I somehow came up with something that could be all me that was not planned, it just happened.

Anyway, I started with a pretty glass vase I bought at the dollar store.  Then I also picked up some silver tissue paper.  I covered the glass with Mod Podge and then added the tissue paper.  I didn't care if it wrinkled, that just added to the charm.  Where I had big buckles of paper near the top, I simply coated over with more Mod Podge.

Then in my stash of Christmas decor I remembered I had this beautiful toole with silver snowflakes.   I  cut out a big enough square to be able to gather it all at the top of the vase.

I purchased several yards of the beautiful silver cord.  I tied that around the top to hold it in place while I tied another cord around the top of the vase and knotted it.  Then I could untie the top knot.

Now I took my hot glue gun and began slowly gluing around the top while pulling the toole up to the top of the vase, being careful to preserve all those pretty pleats.  I want the toole to stand up near the top, not flop over like it is in this photo.

Then I cut about an inch above the top rim of the vase all the way around. 

And this is my finished vase!  I am so very happy with it.  I placed a candle down inside and the glow is just beautiful!  I used a candle that is already in a glass jar so that it can be easily replaced or even removed to use the vase, a vase!  You could easily do this project in any colors to match your home decor as well.

Remember my bronze Christmas tree I spray painted last week?  Well I wasn't very happy with it, so I sprayed it again.....this time white....and I am SO much happier!

So you can tell I have this white and silver theme going on here!!  I can't wait to show you more tomorrow and then on Thursday I will show you what my entire tablescape looks like.  Trust me, it is worth the wait!!


Mom said...

Beautiful! So are you having Christmas? Do we all get your crafty gifts for Christmas? I can't wait!!

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