Nov 5, 2010

Unexpected Accidents

We had a very unexpected accident happen this week with my youngest.  She tends to be a little clumsy sometimes, and I got a call from school Tuesday afternoon saying she had fallen out of her chair at school and chipped a tooth.

So when she came home, I wasn't expecting to see this.  Can you see it?  TWO teeth severally chipped off!  The top tooth had severed the bottom two teeth!

I was frantic!  These are her permanent teeth!  I have been stressed all week about how in the world these would be repaired.  We saw the dentist right away, and this is how she repaired them:

Can you believe it?  They look exactly like real teeth!  Now we have no idea how long they will last, since these are teeth that do a lot of work, but I thought our dentist did an outstanding job of free hand shaping these replacements!

She will need braces at some point, so we will have to revisit this issue throughout her life.  That is what had me stressed out the most. 

Was A stressed out???

What do you think?


Rachel said...

Oh no!! The dentist did a really nice job...glad she wasn't stressed out!! =)

Mom said...

Oh My! And what in the world was she doing that she fell so hard out of her chair?? !!

walkingwithangels said...

Why is that we as parents get all worried and stressed out and the kids find it all a great adventure. I'm glad A isnt worried about it though, and the teeth look great xx

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