Nov 15, 2010

The Gift of Words

The Husband, a brand new title that he was wearing well, carefully packed a lunch for his "new" 5 year old daughter.  Knowing that the precious opportunities to create a forever bond with her would pass quickly, he secretly began tucking notes into her lunch box.  The smiling, toothless 5 year old melted his heart when she shared with him the love and fun of the notes she found everyday.

In the coming years, wife would suffer through some dark times.  Husband saw an opportunity to encourage her, so the notes began each day for her as well.  Simple lines, a sentence or two, of love and encouragement, oft times penciled on napkins or scrap paper.  Wife was blessed and her heart grew bigger for the Husband through this small gift of himself left behind each day to keep her company.

Year 14 of this marriage will soon come to a close, and the notes continue to find their way to the kitchen counter every day.  No longer are they found on disposable objects, but now grace the pages of a notebook, a new page to turn daily, for wife to remember always, for generations to witness the great love between this wife and husband.

The 5 year old has turned 20, but still the notes sporadically make their way to her college dorm, the bonding continues, as does the love.

Words, simple, true and life encouraging.  Who can you share your words with today?


Layton Family Joy said...

beautiful - I am Words of Affirmation, so I just love reading this post. Something my father was not gifted in doing - showering me with words. thanks for sharing!!

Thoughts for the day said...

What a precious reminder of love.
I am glad you have such a treasure to keep.

Joy said...

What an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing this with us. What a way to show one another love.

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