Nov 18, 2010

Blessing My Family

In our fast paced world of beating the clock and the schedule, it can be hard to really concentrate on simply things.  Sometimes the simply things can make huge impacts, but they are easy to overlook when the schedule is tight.

As a blogger, it is very easy to spend too much time online.  As a Mom, there are countless ways we try to invest in our families.   Some of us must work outside the home to make ends meet.

Over the last several months I have really felt conviction over blessing my family in some way each and every day.  Sometimes that feels hard, because some of our efforts may go unnoticed.  Actually, many of them will go unnoticed.  But I have a feeling that even though they are not consciously noticed at the time, as a mom, I am planting a deep seed of caring and extra effort into their hearts that someday they will recall with a happy heart.

So I looked around my house to find a few ways I could bless them this week.  Trust me, I didn't have to look very hard!

A has a hard time getting her clothes put away.  So frequently in her room you can find 2-3 laundry baskets full of clean laundry.  This begins to clog up her floor space and makes her very grumpy in the morning when she says she has nothing to wear!  It is a difficult balance of always doing for them, blessing them, or teaching them responsibility.  I may need to find a balance with this chore, but this week I decided to bless her and put them away for her.

I love my bed.  I hardly ever get it made.  It wasn't a requirement for me growing up, so it just doesn't really bother me.  My husband says it doesn't bother him either.  But doesn't it just look nicer and more cared for when it is made?

Nothing is more of a blessing than fresh baked goodies!  But for some reason I just don't do it very often.  So this week I whipped up a batch of Cinnamon Streusel Muffins while I was preparing other things for dinner.  It didn't take much time at all, and the family loves them!

I'm going to continue to find small ways to bless my family in the hopes that it becomes a bigger, more consistent habit.  How about you?  How do you unexpectedly bless your family?  Can you share with us?


Dani said...

i want fresh baked goodies :(

Mom said...

Me too!

BARBIE said...

There are so many simple ways to bless others. We just have to look around. Thank you for the reminder that I too can bless my family in this way. Those muffins look so good!

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