Nov 8, 2010

Another Monday Morning

Another Monday morning has arrived.  In our lives, that means our house is usually destroyed!  Can you relate?

 Remnants of last night's family movie, Toy Story 3, remain all over the couch and floor, including popcorn!

A cardboard fort was built, complete with team flags and escape hatches, gracing one entire side of the living room.  It is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.

Some of you might be cringing at the site of this mess.  But it leaves a smile on my face this morning.  We've created awesome memories through the destruction of our living room.  We all ate pizza and popcorn in front of the TV watching the movie and laughing together at our favorite parts.  We snuggled in our nest of 20 blankets and 10 pillows and enjoyed each other's company.

The cardboard fort was love in the making.  All the planning, taping and remodeling spent together as a family creates hours of creative play with friends and family alike.  It will remain in our living room for at least a week, of that I am sure.

Yes today I will tidy the living room as best I can around our fort.  I'll even vacuum up the popcorn.  But I know as soon as my girls return home from school, along with their Poppa, the mess will start all over again.  Although this is not a house of clutter free pristine cleanliness, it is a house of fun and love.  And I like it that way.


Tailored Trash Queen said...

Aw man! I totally relate! In fact I have recently discovered that in our world, the weekends are when the house is destroyed the most!!!! And I grew up thinking the weekend was for "catching up" all the messes made during the week. But like you, I like it that way. It means that on our time off, we played and visited and relaxed and rejuvenated....and that's a very good thing!

I say a house of fun and love trumps clutter free, pristine cleanliness anyday of the week! Clutter free and pristine is really just so BORING anyway, isn't it? Why do we ever think it's what we need?

Hooray for your family and mine, to a messy house on a Monday morning! ;)

Doris said...

It's lovely! I remember many a day (sometimes weeks on end) of having a 2-person tent set up in my living room, or dining room chairs with quilts and blankets over them, making secret places to hide and play...I miss those days and the "mess" that went with them!

BARBIE said...

I think my house looks like this every day!

Wander said...

Keep on messing stuff up! You'll be all alone in the blink of an eye!
They grow up WAY TOO FAST!!
I love the clutter! hehe

patchofheaven said...

What an awesome mom you are! I love that fort! I'm sure your kids will remember it forever, and a mom always willing to deal with the messes of love.

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