Oct 27, 2010

The Relevant Experience

I don't think we realize when we become wives and mothers the responsibilities we are taking to ourselves.  We don't recognize that we must pour all of ourselves into our families.  But that means we must empty ourselves first.  Selfish desires must be laid aside.  Hobbies and interests must be shelved for a time while our families are young.

The Lord whispered to me this weekend; He ever so gently reminded me of the gifts he has given, and that my focus needs to be on them AT ALL TIMES.  I must be a servant to my family first, before all else.  I've really struggled with this.  I can always justify why the dishes aren't done, laundry isn't folded, living room not picked up.  There are always other things that call my name, but when I pursue them, I am not being faithful to my calling of wife, mother, and keeper of my home.  Jesus wants my energies to be in my home before anything else.  To serve my family with eagerness, joy, and willingness, not begrudgingly like is usually my attitude.

When I spread myself too thin on other tasks, I'm not pouring myself out intentionally, but leaking everywhere with little impact.  I must depend on my Savior to fill me from above, pouring His love and direction into me, that I may pour more into my family.

Lord, may you fill me today that I may pour myself out onto my family with joy and a servants heart.  Amen.


Thoughts for the day said...

Oh to learn this early as a young mom is awesome. Take it slow and take each step with caution. Your little ones are little for a short season of time then you can pursue other interests and projects. Please take this as encouragement from a 55+ grandma of six who lives in Oregon.

Nickie said...

I am so right there with you on this. (Oh how I wish I could have been there.) I too struggle with the same thing, and then feel so guilty over the laundry-list of things I have put aside for the things I want to do. I love how you put it- and I too must depend on Him to fill me. Thank you for posting this.

Penny said...

It really puts a positive aspect to being emptied. I definitely feel emptied - every single day - but all so He can fill me!!!

Love this!

Happy iFellowship Day! Hope you've had a great Wednesday!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Amen!! I like to think about what my children will become and are becoming... I want to be an inspiration... a motivation... and a good example to them. The best way I can do that is to be an active part of their daily lives - a living sacrifice in God's service. It's hard sometimes. It often tiring... but it's always satisfying WHEN I do the right thing and have the right attitude. I find I'm only discouraged when I get selfish.

Thank you for sharing. The Relevant Conference was one of those good inspirations and I came home renewed and refreshed. Sounds like you did too!!! :)

It was wonderful meeting you. Not many of the ladies stand out in my memory, but you do because you took time to really talk to us.

Blessings to you!

Kara said...

Thank you for this. I love it...and needed the reminder!

Genny said...

I stopped by to get your URL to include in one of our contributor's (Barbie) devotions over at 5MinutesforFaith(she's using a photo of yours and of course wanted to link to it). Anyway, I just had to comment and say how much I loved reading your Relevant posts. Sounds like an amazing time with amazing women! Thanks for sharing.

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