October 4, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven

My friend Courtney over at Women Living Well has yet another challenge that I will be taking part in for October.  Who doesn't want to Make Their Home a Haven?  I certainly want our home to be a place of peace, safety, and rest for my family.  As the keeper of our homes, it is our responsibility to CREATE that place for our families.  It doesn't happen on it's own!

So today, October 4th, the challenge is to light a candle in your home every day.  I LOVE this challenge, because I love candles, and I don't burn them near as often as I would like.  This will help me get back in the habit.  It creates such a warm, inviting home to walk into when you can smell a candle burning.

This is what one of the small bookcases looks like in my living room.  I just love how it makes the room feel.  Want in on the challenge?  Go check out Courtney's blog and join in!!


  1. Neat! I like it!

  2. Seasons of LifeOct 5, 2010 06:56 AM

    I, too, am participating in Courtney's challenge...AND love Yankee and Woodwick candles. This challenge will give me a visual reminder to pray as I look upon the candles during the day for peace to be prevelant throughout our home and in our relationships.

    Blessings ~


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