October 8, 2010

Homemade French Fry Yumminess!

I had completely forgotten that I had picked up a small deep fryer this summer at a garage sale.  I remember now being very excited to find it, and dirt cheap too!  K decided she wanted to try fresh french fries in the deep fryer.  What mother would say no to that?!

So she set out peeling the potatoes and slicing them into thin fries.  This is super easy and you should really try it for a special treat for the family.  Let them sit in a bowl of very cold water to remove some of the starch and so they stay crispy in the fryer.  Be sure to pat them dry so that the water doesn't make the oil splatter.

We set the fryer for 350 degrees and tried the first batch at about 10 minutes.  YUM-O!

They turned out perfectly.  We noticed on the second and third batch that the oil was remaining hot, so the cook time decreased just a bit.  Of course, if you cut your potatoes thicker, they will take longer to cook.  Then once they were done, we simply dumped them out on a paper towel and salted them.

I always save the grease in the refrigerator to use on other things like fried chicken.  You can also do this just in a saucepan and a slotted spoon, it doesn't have to be in a fryer.

Give it a try, the kids will love it!


  1. walkingwithangelsOct 8, 2010 05:19 PM

    They look yummy yummy xxx

  2. This brought back memories. My mother use to make homemade fries all the time when I was growing up. I should make them some day!

  3. I am a great french fry lover and these look absolutely delicious!


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