October 13, 2010

Good Girls Don't have to Dress Bad, with Shari Braendel

 Today we are talking about Shari Braendel's new book Good Girls don't have to Dress Bad.  You absolutely must get this book!  Shari has done a ton of research to help you find your body type, your best fashion colors, where to buy jeans that fit, make-up, hair styles, how to shop for a bra and swimsuit---I mean you name it and she helps you out!

I wanted to spend a little  time here talking about the Color Analysis.  You MUST go here and take about 3 minutes to find your Dominant Color Category.  There are six, and you will fit into one.  From there, you are shown a  color selection of what works best with your personal coloring.  This means your skin tone/color, hair color, and eye color are all taken into account to determine what colors look best on you.

For instance,when Shari analyzed my color, she determined I was a Clear.  I couldn't believe the colors that were on my swatch!  Surely it couldn't be right!  But I had witnesses who encouraged me how great I looked in some of these colors!  Here are the colors that look best on me:

These fabric swatches can be purchased from Shari's website, which I HIGHLY recommend.  I take these with me shopping so I know exactly what shades to look for, especially anything that is going to be near my face.  The color strip on the far right shows my neutral colors, which means they shouldn't be worn alone, but can be paired with any of the other colors.

Now along with the color of clothing we should be wearing, I just wanted to touch on a couple of other things that I learned from Shari.  First, drastically changing the color of your hair throws off the entire package of your skin tone and eyes.  She really recommends staying pretty close to your natural color.  After fighting with her about this for several minutes, I finally relented.  Gulp, and she was right.  I got rid of the lighter brown hair and highlights and I look much more natural.  Second, I have always wondered about eye shadow colors.  Ladies, you should NOT match your eye shadow with your clothing.  They should be neutral colors that fit in with your dominant color.  No more pink and blue eye shadow!!!

I could go on and on because I have learned so much both from Shari and from her new book.  You can read more about Shari over at her website and she posts Mondays and Wednesdays on her personal blog.

Are you getting ready to go to a conference?  Head on over to Gather Inspirit, where we'll learn tips from Shari on packing!! Later this afternoon you should also hop over to The Tuckers Take Tennessee to read an interview with Shari about everything fashion!

My huge thanks again to Shari for sharing so much insight with us about looking and feeling our best to the glory of God!



  1. Awesome! Thank you for the info about this book and will definitely pick up a copy.

  2. Shari is so awesome! I learned so much from her. the book is worth its weight in gold!

  3. Now I'm intrigued!! I'll be checking this out soon!

    Have a great iFellowship Day!

  4. Thanks for sharing this GREAT information! I'll have to think about my hair color issue... (I really don't like my normal, non-highlighted, dirty blonde, dull natural color... can you tell?) ;)Thanks again!


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