Oct 18, 2010

Family and Friend Traditions

Many of us have traditions that we keep with our families for holidays and special events, but do you have any traditions you have started with friends?

My friend Jennifer loves tradition.  I've known her for over 10 years, and she keeps on me to keep tradition alive both between us personally and with our families.  Jennifer and I both got married in December of 2006, and we both now have three children.  Our husband are great friends as well.  We really enjoy spending time together.

For several years we have gathered together sometime during the fall to find a fun place locally that has fall family activities; a pumpkin farm, an orchard, etc.  This year we visited a new place and had a great time with our families.

 This is my ever so handsome husband, who is still just a boy at heart!
So much fun.  I was most happy when I got my Kettle Korn!  What kind of friend traditions do you have?


Cherie said...

Love your fall pics!! :o)

We start the fall season with me bringing out my fall decorations.. This always warms our home.. Bill makes his amazing chili and we invite friends over (not family because we don't live in the same state as them) and celebrate the new season God has given us together!!!

Love love love this time of year.

Cherie :)

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