October 1, 2010

Don't Trust Those Eyes

Yes, those ice blue eyes are captivating.  Just like a child, she can almost make me do anything just by looking at me with those beautiful baby blues.

But just this morning, like so many other mornings before, she jumped the fence and was on a dead run through the neighborhood.  Do you know what that means?  It means I am out in my lovely pjs, robe and slippers trying to catch up with her.  Mind you, she is a Husky....she doesn't get tired, she could run for hours, and she is stubborn as an ox.  The same story unfolds, I chase after her and she runs farther in the opposite direction as if it is a game of follow the leader!  Usually the only way I can get her back home is to go after her in the van with the doors open.  She loves traveling with us, and this usually captures her attention enough to jump in for the short ride home.

Well, she seems to have caught on to that game, and this morning the only way I got ahold of her was to go play with the neighbors dog so she got jealous and came over to investigate.  Thankfully a neighbors treat also helped to reel her in.  And they just love my morning attire!

Yes, I love her like crazy, but oh she can be exasperating!


  1. Oh My! She did it again! Going to have to put electricity on that fence!! Or you're going to have to get dressed earlier!

  2. I've been where you are. We had a Louisana Catahoulla just before I moved out on my own. Peaches would run circles around the street when she got out. She thought it was a game when you chased her. She would only come when my grandfather would start to "warm up" his car. She never figured this out. Once I moved out, there were times my grandfather would pick me up after grocery shopping and Peachy would be in the car. Obviously she had got out.

  3. I use to have a weakness for huskies! They ARE beautiful! But charm is deceitful, isn't it?!


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