Sep 16, 2010

Unexpected Encouragement

Do you ever set out on a plan only to get half way through and get discouraged.  Maybe people aren't responding the way they would, or they aren't responding at all!  You might get half way through a project and suddenly run out of ideas to finish.

Nothing helps motivate me more than someone's words of encouragement.  If someone lets me know that they have been touched by something I have written, or said, or done, then I feel compelled to keep going.  I get the extra boost of energy I need to continue down the path set before me.

Several weeks ago I started posting about the Persecuted Church on Thursdays.  The posts didn't get much response in the way of comments, but I still felt strongly about bringing to light the horrors that some Christians in our world must face when they do not have freedom of religion.

I was so encouraged when out of the blue, several people on Twitter mentioned my blog and resent my tweets about the posts.  I love the way God works in that about the time we feel like giving up, he sends a quick messenger to confirm that we are doing exactly as He asked.

My encouragement to you today:  don't be afraid to say a kind word to someone you may not even know.  You may just be the encouragement they need in that very moment!


Jennifer said...

So true! Somewhere in Proverbs it says that a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. You never know if your words (or actions) could be just the right thing at the right time. :)

Bonnie Gray said...

What a confirmation of God's pleasure.. you are sharing words for those who cannot speak. Keep writing and keep encouraging, as you have today, Cherie!

Penny said...

Amen!!! I must admit I get to feeling insecure when I pour my heart and soul (no pun intended) into a blog post and no one even notices!

Thanks for charging us all to be the encouragers!!!

Here from iFellowship - but a day late! I love making my way through the entire list - even if it takes me a couple of days!

I always enjoy your blog!

have a nice Thursday evening!

Debbie said...

This is so true! How often do you pour your heart into writing something and nobody adds any comments? I've come to the point now though that even if one person is blessed, that's great. Numbers mean nothing. If the Lord has one person that needs encouragement, then it's all good.

Amy Nabors said...

I have learned this in so many ways -- by receiving a kind word and by giving one.

Sheryl said...

Isn't it amazing what a comment can do?!?! I'm always amazed at the posts that generate the most comments.

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