Sep 22, 2010

Just Give Me Jesus


he is everything

As I sit alone in my home on a Saturday night while the family is out, completely free to do anything I wish, I am pondering why spending time with Jesus isn’t at the top of my list. Shouldn’t it be? What keeps me from running to my prayer chair at this quiet hour to gather in His presence and soak him in? Is it my never ending to-do list? Is it my desire to just sit and relax? Selfishness. He is the culprit. I want to control my time and use it in my way. But as I glance at the empty chair in the corner, I hear him calling me. I see him waiting, ever so patiently, for me to join him there in sweet quiet and worship, reverence and awe. He waits.

If I obey his tender calling, I will be blessed beyond measure. My family depends on it. Being in his presence brings peace beyond understanding. My cup of patience will again be filled to overflowing. My heart will be refilled with grace. My soul will return to a place of quiet beauty. After all, being in the Master’s presence is our heavenly reward. We are constantly looking for his return so that we can abide once again with him for eternity. But seeking him now, in the middle of my world, seems an interruption to my “me” time.

But yet, my heart’s deepest desire is to know Him. How can I know Him if I am so selfish with my time that I won’t spend these few precious quiet hours with him? How can I feel his presence if I never slow down long enough to enter into that presence. He waits. As a parent with open arms calling to a child, He calls to me, waiting for me to drop everything I am doing and run into his arms. Run to the loving safety that only He can provide. I must choose to either succumb to the desires of my flesh, or obey the sweet invitation from my Savior.

His promise is sure
His life is matchless
His goodness is limitless
His mercy is enough
His grace is sufficient
His burden is light
His yolk is easy
He is indestructible
He is inescapable

He is irresistible
He is invincible
He is incomprehensible
He is irrefutable
I can’t get him out of my mind

I can’t get him out of my heart
I can’t outlive him
I can’t live without him
The Pharisees hated him but couldn’t stop him
Satan tried to tempt him
The Romans crucified him but couldn’t take his life
Death couldn’t handle him
And the grave couldn’t hold him*

just give me Jesus

*Source: Anne Graham Lotz



Penny said...

I love Anne's book - Just Give Me Jesus!!! I love this post! How convicting! When the kids are in bed and my husband is at a church meeting I so often use that time to watch whatever I want on TV or totally veg-out!

I think next time I'll spend the evening with the Lord!

Here from iFellowship - and so very glad I came by your blog! Precious - just precious!

Have a great Wednesday!

Sara said...

I am the same, I crave time with Jesus yet sometimes in those spare minutes I find myself watching tv or reading a book. I need to be stricter i my routine xxxx

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