Sep 13, 2010

Join One Million Moms to Protect our Children

One Million Moms is an organization that is trying to make a dent in the moral decline and lack of positive influences in the media.  The organization was started to give mothers a combined voice against the decision makers of social media and television that are putting out immoral and inappropriate content for all to see, regardless of age.  They provide a place for all of us to come together and speak up to protect our children's innocence.

I recently joined their website when I saw a news release that Claire's stores were selling bracelets with pretend razor blades hanging from them.  I was completely appalled.  One Million Moms started an email campaign to the corporate offices of Claire's, and guess what, it worked!  They issued a statement of apology and withdrew the product from their shelves.  Now that is great teamwork!

You can go to their website and sign up for their e-newsletters.  They will send you an email when they have a new cause that needs your attention.  You certainly don't have to respond to every email, but if something appears that really touches your heart, they give all the information you need to contact that company and join thousands of other moms voicing the same concerns.

Let's speak up, Moms!  Join the fight in protecting our children!!


BARBIE said...

I just signed up! Thank you for the link. I used another one of your lovely photos in a blog post here:

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