Sep 21, 2010

I Prayed for this Child

"I prayed for this child" I Samuel 1:27 

I read a great devotion yesterday morning that really struck a cord with me.  I  related to Hannah's story in I Samuel as she prayed  for a child.  The Lord blessed her with Samuel.  Hannah's prayer of praise in chapter 2 is well known for it's beauty and glory to God for her answered prayer.

Before K was born, Husband and I had experienced 2 miscarriages. We were distraught, feeling as though we may not be able to have children together. We prayed fervently for a baby, and once I became pregnant again, we prayed constantly that nothing would be added or subtracted from her development.

When she was born, on her right hand was a small skin tag that the doctors thought could possibly have been an extra finger trying to grow. When she opened her little hand, she was holding a blood sack about the size of a pea. The doctors were quite astonished, but assured us that it could all easily be removed.

Husband and I immediately smiled at one another, because we knew it was the answer to months of prayer. To this day, K has a small bump on the outside of her pinky finger that reminds us of God's answer to our prayers.

Blessings that come to us through answered prayer should be doubly honored and praised, as it is a testament to our faith and to our God.

What answered prayer are you celebrating today?


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