September 24, 2010

Christian Stay at Home Mom Blog Award Winner

Top Christian Stay at Home Mom Blog

When the email arrived in my inbox, I couldn't believe what I was reading.  My readers had nominated me for a blog award!  Not just any blog award, buy a Christian Mother award!  From their website, "The winners have been award for providing the best content in terms of inspiration, uniqueness, and their ability to seamlessly weave their faith into their lives as a parent to be an oasis of serenity in a world of chaos."   WOW!

I am beyond humbled by this award.  Thank you so very much!!

To view the entire list of winners, hop on over to their website.  I am in some amazing company!


  1. aplaceforthoughtsSep 24, 2010 05:17 AM

    Congratulations, Cherie! You deserve it!

  2. Congratulations Cherie! That's fantastic!


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