August 19, 2010

Praying for the Persecuted in North Korea

Today is our first look at the world's most persecuted countries where Christians are hunted like animals, tortured and killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ.  These brave warriors for the Lord need our prayers like never before.

At the top of the list again is North Korea.  From the Open Doors website:

"The first position of the World Watch List in 2010 is again reserved for North Korea, the country where every religious activity is recognized as an insurrection to the North Korean socialist principles.

The situation for Christians is extremely harsh at this moment, even though the North Korean regime is slowly and steadily losing her iron control on North Korean society, and Kim Jong Il’s physical health worsened after his stroke.

Through mobilizing every resource of power, North Korea is desperately trying to control society in order to eradicate Christian activities. By means of a 150 days and a 100 days combat campaign, the North Korean government has and is trying very hard to demolish the street market system.

Furthermore, during North Korea’s strict searches considerable numbers of Christian believers have been exposed. During the mentioned campaigns, the North Korean regime especially targeted secret Christians all over North Korea to arrest and kill them.

They have used various horrible ways of torture against arrested Christians. Christians were sometimes used as a means of testing biological or chemical weapons. In spite of these inhuman circumstances, Christianity is growing and the chances to hear the Gospel are growing especially for those who live in cities nearby China."

It is hard for us in the United States and other rich countries to believe that this kind of treatment of Christians exists in our world today.  But in truth, there are few nations that have the freedom of religion that we enjoy.

Would you join me in praying for the nation of North Korea for the next week?  Our family is praying through the month of Ramadan for many nations.  You can print the prayer calendar here.

Two websites have devoted their resources to highlight the needs of the persecuted church:  Open Doors USA and Every Home for Christ.  You can download many resources and prayer calendars from both sites.

Join me again next Thursday as we learn about our fellow believers in Iran.


walkingwithangels said...

I am praying for North Korea and everywhere that needs God's word xxx

kim said...

The Church there grows not in spite of the persecution but because of it! I am praying for the underground church!

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