August 11, 2010

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

I've had an interesting epiphany in the last several days.  Ready?

Even though I don't homeschool my girls, I can still purchase some great Bible curriculum from a homeschool vendor.  

Isn't that profound?

This issue always seems to be a hot one because many feel so very strongly about one side or the other.  But I have come to realize that there is no reason a public school family can't reap the benefits of some fantastic Bible homeschool curriculum.  It doesn't matter if it is marketed for homeschooling.  I can find some excellent resources to be intentional about training my children in Bible theology and disciplines.

So here is my problem.  Since I don't homeschool, I am really not sure where to look or what companies are the best in this field.

That is where you come in!  I know many of my online friends are homeschoolers, and I just know that you will have some recommendations for me.  My girls are 10 and 8, and I would like to get curriculum that fits both of them so I am not trying to do two different grade levels.  They are both very intelligent young ladies, so I know the younger can keep up with the older.  I don't think I will be able to commit to doing a lesson every single day, but would like to choose possibly 2-3 days per week that we do lessons in the evening after their regular homework is done.

Would you leave in the comments what you might recommend and the website information?  I would be so grateful for your input!!

On another note check out my other blog, Capturing Beautiful,  to see my entry for Word Filled Wednesday.


  1. ohh I will be coming back to check on the comments. I am in the same boat as you and would love to do some study with the kids. Mich x

  2. Myra @ My Blessed LifeAug 11, 2010 05:33 AM

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Fabulous idea, friend! :)

  3. Erin @ Closing TimeAug 11, 2010 05:37 AM

    I'm a HOMESCHOOL mom who would love to find a good Bible curriculum for her kids! Honestly, I have not found one that I am happy with.

    My major issue with most of them? It seems like their focus is on "being good" rather than on the heart. Good behavior and following rules is a great thing, but God wants more than that...He wants our hearts. Without that, all you have is the Law and not relationship with the Lord.

    Sorry for preaching...this is a subject close to my heart! I'm sharing my experience here hoping that someone else will comment and tell us all about a great Bible curriculum that is out there somewhere!

  4. Layton Family JoyAug 11, 2010 06:12 AM

    Cherie - I RT'd to the Homeschool Village - hopefully you'll get some feedback. For Jake - I started with Disciple Land - it was inexpensive - The Fruit of the Spirit was a great book a few days per week. What it is - what it is not. Right now we're using Bob Jones A Servan't Heart - but it is 4 lessons for the week. I hope you find what you're looking for!

  5. Hi Cherie - BSF is doing the the book of Isaiah this year and honestly I can't think of a better "free" curriculum than what BSF offers through the School Program. The kids have completed the Life of Moses and the book of John through the School Program and the things they still remember is remarkable! It's sound Biblical teaching and mirrors the adult program in that there's an 15 min opening for the whole group. The kids are divided by grade level. After opening they go back to their levels and have discussion group for 30 mins (yep just like the adults - read the same passages and answer very similar questions written at their levels), discovery time for Levels 1 -3 (grades 1-6)where they learn Bible Vocab, Bible locations, homiletics, etc., Level 4 -5 (grades 7-12) does homiletics, then a 20-25 min Bible lesson - (lecture style - just like the adults) which includes the main aim and 2-3 principles given at a level each grade can learn and be challenged, and then we end with Memory Verse for Levels 1-3 (upper levels are expected to learn on their own), Basic Truth for Level 4, and God's Attributes for Level 5. We won't be sending home color sheets or craft-like items - it's sound Bible training for almost 2 hours. We do send home the discussion questions, which like the adults, the students are encouraged to do a little each day.

    I can also tell you that you won't find a more dedicated group of women teaching it that pour themselves into prepping each week. We have been together for 3 years now and each lady is a delight and loves what she does. We easily pour at least 10 hours into prepping each week, especially if it's our week to give the Bible lesson. I know I usually spend 6 hours preparing just the Bible lesson.

    We'll be starting the first Monday after Labor Day at 6:45 at 2nd Pres. Scott could go to the men's program as well (Mark does) and then the whole family can be doing the study together. Let me know if you want more info. Oh, I'm not sure if you have been doing days lately but there are a lot of positive changes occurring within the organization as well.

  6. Veronica @ A Quiet HeartAug 11, 2010 07:01 AM

    What a great idea! I know that there are strong feelings on both sides of the public school/homeschool "argument." And, both, I'm sure, with good reason. But, I also know that there are parents on both sides - obviously, like yourself - who want to disciple and train up their children in the Lord.

    I have to agree with Erin (above). So many of the curriculum choices are “all about me.” They focus mainly on behavior modification, without focusing on the Word.

    My daughter is in Kindergarten this year, so I am sort of putting together our own Bible curriculum using a few miscellaneous resources this year. Your daughters would probably be too old for most of them, but you are welcome to look at what we are using ( Some of the resources are designed for older children (A Faith to Grow On), and some have several “suggested” age/grade levels (Truth and Grace Memory Book).

    Our “core” curriculum (Tapestry of Grace) does cover Bible, but, I am planning on supplementing it quite heavily. And, these are the 2 curriculums that I am currently considering for next year (and beyond):

    --->Lamp & Quill ( is a GREAT curriculum designed by some friends from our old church. It is solidly Biblical and teaches students (and sometimes parents) how to study God’s Word for themselves. Although they have different books for different grade levels, everyone is studying the same passages at the same time. (But, check on their website, from the way they break down the grade levels, your girls could probably easily work from the same book!) From their website: “These studies cover most books of the Bible in six years on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and include the threads and themes throughout. The focus is on learning to think about Scripture and getting to know the God of the Bible in a personal way as our Savior, our joy, our daily hope and our hope for the future.”

    ---> Discover 4 Yourself series, from Precept Ministries ( These books are designed for kids, ages 8-12 (although, they could easily be used with a younger child, as long as their reading/comprehension skills are strong.) So, both of your girls could study the same passage or character. These books all utilize the inductive study method. They teach children to study God’s Word for themselves, to use sound principles of interpretation to understand what it means, ultimately leading to (correct) personal application of those biblical truths.

    I am so sorry to leave such a long comment, but I hope this helps…or at least gives you a place to start looking.

  7. I think the best bible curriculum is just opening up your bible and reading it to them everyday and memorizing passages of scripture. Also, using the Westminster shorter catechism (which is also free online) to learn sound doctrine. Here is what we are officially doing in our home:

    Websites for you:

    Hope these are helpful! :)


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